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Finance in a Flash: Frites and Frights

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Finance, Magic Culture

Did you know Burning-Tree Emissary is $2? Or the the foils are $9-$10? (The FNM Farseek closes for $30 a playset on eBay if you want to keep playing the “Wait! What?” game.) It’s worth looking over your discarded drafts or the box of Gatecrash you bought the day of release to see how many of these you have lying around. You’d be surprised how much money there is in Standard-legal commons and uncommons, especially from the sets that weren’t opened very much.

Flinthoof Boar is $2 on Legit MTG, Augur of Bolas is $1.75, and Standard PTQ season has barely started. The game has grown a lot since last summer when M13 was released, and there is very real demand for these cards that will continue to grow. Put them in your binder, someone will want them.

I’m a big fan of Standard-relevant M13 cards in general despite many of the top cards having multiple printings or the equivalence thereof: Jace, Memory Adept, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Thragtusk, Rhox Faithmender, Staff of Nin, and Sands of Delirium could all see very real price bumps during Standard season depending how the meta plays out. I particularly like Rhox Faithmender, and could see it climbing as high as $10 if the Emissary decks get out of hand.

Interview With The Vampire

Oh, look, the boogieman has come to hoof us to death. It’s already too late make much money on Angel of Serenity or Craterhoof Behemoth, though there may be some people who are unaware of the jump.

It’s much more interesting to think of where a format at least partially defined by a relatively fair Unburial Rites deck is likely to head. The two cards that come to mind are Evil Twin and Olivia Voldaren, though both have pretty serious flaws. Evil Twin is a niche sideboard card that is only really good against Frites and the Midrange decks that Frites is pushing out of the format. That being said, it’s pretty easy to get these as deal-eveners or throw-ins, and a weekend spike a la Rhox Faithmender seems very possible. Olivia Voldaren has been on speculators’ radar for a few weeks, and for good reason. She’s amazing right now, but unfortunately her home isn’t despite Reid Duke’s performance at the MOCS Championship.

This deck is nearly $700 TCG Mid, far more expensive than the Frites and Naya Blitz strategies that have been far outperforming it in recent weeks, which makes me doubt we’ll see many new Jund players. Olivia Voldaren would have to find a second home for her price to really spike. Surprisingly enough, the MOCS provided us with such an archetype; I just have no idea if the deck is any good or not.

Variations of this strategy have been winning dailies in the last few weeks; and it is certainly different, which will appeal to some people if nothing else. There is certainly room for Olivia Voldaren to grow from her current price tag ($12 on Legit MTG), and as good as she is in the current meta, people will figure out a way to play her. But until I see a proven second home for her, I’m personally going to stay away.

A Few Good Men … Or Ghosts

Assemble the Legion and Geist of Saint Traft are very interesting in the current Standard because no one is particularly well-equipped to deal with them. I am certainly not the first to call Assemble the Legion, and the price has already started to rise. But I think $5 is a very real possibility for the pseudo-planeswalker as people start to get the memo.

Geist of Saint Traft is about $28 and Liliana of the Veil is $50. One of these cards sees very little play despite being the most expensive card in Standard; the other is a hexproof beater in a world where people stopped playing board wipes because of Frites. Geist of Saint Traft will see more play, and he will go up.

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