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Finance in a Flash: Glimpse the Future

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Finance, Magic Culture

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Did you know?

Black Market is $6 TCG Mid? Or that Magistrate’s Scepter is almost $4.5? How many of you knew what they did without looking? Talk to the EDH crowd at your LGS and watch them play. You’d be surprised how entertaining the games can be and you might learn about a piece of buylist gold you didn’t even know existed.

Quick Hits

1. Lifebane zombie has started levelling off. Its probably going to dip over the next month but i doubt its more than a $2 drop. Much like Boros Reckoner Lifebane’s demand and effectiveness are highly meta dependant and once a floor is established during Theros it will be a great pickup because the right top 8 will send this card through the roof.

2. It looks like I was already wrong about Chandra Pyromaster, she’s stabilized already on TCG at about $13 because of Kibler’s G/R deck and various Big Red strategies. Her viability seems very tied to how good Burning Earth is in the meta, which is not something I’m interested in with a card this expensive. I think she’s still going to drop under $10 during September and I plan on buying aggressively right before Theros.

3. Domri Rade has spiked pretty hard in the last month. It sees a touch of modern play, but this rapid climb is because of Kibler’s deck and I doubt its going to last. Domri is very needy, and is only really effective in certain decks (ones with a million creatures) which limits its potential market. I doubt we’re going to see another climb in price of more than a few dollars before a plateau if not a drop when people quit trying to buy the G/R deck and as such think this is a sell. Its worth nothing Chandra probably steals some deck space from Domri post rotation at least as a sideboard card if the deck(s) in question don’t have enough creatures to make Domri’s +1 comparable to Chandra’s 0 ability.

4. Desecration Demon is a freaking beating. Its about $2.5 TCG Mid, and I love trading for it around there. Of course we don’t know what’s coming in Theros, but Innistrad’s token and Undying cards rotating can only help the Demon’s Standard viability come October. I think this card could easily hit $6+ and potentially even higher if it becomes one of the finisher’s of choice during the PTQ season.

5. Avacyn, Angel of Hope is going to be a made up, stupid, horrible price in a year that makes you sick to your stomach thinking about how many you traded away while AVR was in Standard. Trade for any copies you can (especially foils) and hide them in a box for a while. She’s everything you could want in a casual card and is only going to rise as people build more EDH decks and start more Angel collections.

6. Speaking of prices that make you wretch, Liliana of the Veil is going to be $75+ next Modern season. She’s $35+ right now with little Standard demand after the rest of her block has already tanked, and I think this is the cheapest she’ll be going forward unless she’s reprinted.

7. I think picking up copies of judge foil Sneak Attack is a pretty decent long-term play. Sneak Attack itself has cross demand from both EDH and Legacy players, and the judge reward is both the only modern frame and only foil version of the card. I could see it hitting $45 or $50 within the next year, especially if Sneak N’ Show sees an upswing in popularity.

8. I’ve seen speculators offering to buy Deathrite Shaman en masse at $12 for the past month or so and I think its time to sell. Barring a fetch land reprint in Theros I think Scavenging Ooze is going to steal all of Deathrite’s thunder in Standard and I don’t think the card has a chance to be $20+ on TCG until Modern Season.

Last Word

I think Glimpse the Unthinkable is going to spike soon. Always a casual favorite, we may be seeing some cross demand from competitive players soon, or at least Johnnies looking for something different to play.

Right now copies are between $15-19 on Ebay, so any that you can trade for at TCG are almost free money. If this deck gets any press at all, we could be looking at the next Chord of Calling or Horizon Canopy.

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