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FNM Hero: See You in Ravnica

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, FNM

Hello everyone!

I bet you were expecting a sweet tournament report. Well, I was expecting to have one for you but in an interesting turn of events the local Standard tournaments did not get enough people last week. People are so excited about Return to Ravnica that they don’t even want to play the current format anymore! Most people showed up draft or play testing their post rotation decks.I did some testing with the Humans list that I showed you last week.

It destroys BG Zombies but loses to any deck with Terminus. I also played against BR Zombies which has a better match-up against me than BG Zombies, but they still need a strong draw to beat me. The only times that I lost is when they had double Pillar of Flame or double Blood Artist. I still have some tuning to do before it’s ready. I feel like I should cut Silverblade Paladin for Midnight Haunting. That would give me more game against Terminus. Silverblade seems really nutty in Gerry Thompson’s build because of the focus on Exalted but it’s less good in my deck because I lean toward swarming and pumping with Mikaeus, the Lunarch or Angel of Jubilation. I’ll talk more about my findings once I get some more testing in with the deck.

Fan Art!

I didn’t have much to see this week but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing either, so I decided to use this time to share the winners of the “Win a Free Bonfire of the Damned” contest. The winners have already been contacted and paid but I never announced it on the website. I liked all the entries but these are the ones that floated to the top.

1st Place: Bryan Climer

I loved this drawing because it brought back all the feelings from that week. I was on a terrible run. I’d lost money at the last handful of tournaments that I played and I was looking for a way to gain an edge when Jamie offered packs to help clean the shop. I remember asking you (the readers) if I could keep the packs and you responded with a resounding YES. You also shared stories of the things you did for cards when you were starting out.

From Episode: Weeks and Weeks

Runner Up: Scott Seligman

This picture does an awesome job of portraying the Delver / Darkside switch. I feel like the FNM Hero died a little bit inside when I switched decks and even though I’ve changed the direction over the last few weeks I think the Hero lost a little bit of his innocence that day.

Reasons I like this picture #2: I look like a total bad ass.

From Episode: Selling My Soul to the Delver

Runner Up: Joshua Gannon

I like the vibe of this drawing even though I’m not totally sure about what’s going on. It looks like me (dressed in full Snapcaster gear) and the Insectile Aberration are destroying the friendly townscape of my local FNM with fire. How sweet is that!

From Episode: Selling My Soul to the Delver


Honorable Mention: Nick Lauver

This was one of my favorite entries but the rest of the team did not share my level of adoration. It has Adam Prosak, fighting game style presentation, and the eyes on that kid kill me every time I look at it!

From Episode: Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

See you in Ravnica

I suspect that the next couple of weeks will be hit or miss for Standard tournaments. I took my Illuminaudi store credit and paid for two pre-releases so we’re “all in” on Return to Ravnica. I’m going to skip next week’s article and I’ll have one for you on the following week which is when Return to Ravnica comes out. In that article, I’ll update you on my trading, my pre-releases and the Mono White Humans deck that I’ll be taking to SCG Cincinnati on that weekend! I hope you enjoyed the fan art! See you in Ravnica!

Jonathan Medina
@mtgmedina on Twitter

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