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Fun Things to do in Standard.

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Fun Things to do in Standard.

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Kaladesh Standard has been pretty fun. The new set has added a lot of powerful stuff to the format, Smuggler’s Copter, Aetherworks Marvel, and Scrapheap Scrounger have been all over the place, either creating new decks or improving old ones. RW Vehicles, UW Flash, and BG Delirium seem to be all the rage in competitive environments, and I do not fault players for playing those decks. They do give you the best chance to finish well and earn some sweet cash or treasure chests.

What do you do when you’re tired of playing with those decks? Some will just take a break to recharge the proverbial batteries so to say. Others will continue to soldier one with the same decks, and get their winnings and do whatever. A third option, and one that I used a lot more when I played paper Magic was to sleeve up something cute. Something fun, maybe with Genesis Wave or The Great Aurora.

The decks I am going to show off today are going to lean towards the fun side of things.

Let’s start!

Fcormier took this value deck to a 5-0 finish in a recent competitive league on MTGO. This deck looks to land a Panharmonicon as quickly as possible and start to grind out a your opponent in a tidal wave of marshalade.

Ok, so marshalade is not a real thing, but triggering enter the battlefield abilities twice most certainly is. While they range on the lame (I’m looking at you Pilgrim’s Eye), getting double use out of Noxious Gearhulk (killing two creatures and gaining life for each one) or Cloudblazer (four life and four cards), is really great. You have Glint-Nest Crane and Prophetic Prism to help find the important artifact, and a super unfair combo in the deck.

Eldrazi Displacer acts as a way to get even more value from your creatures, blinking them out to allow them to trigger again. Combined with Drowner of Hope and a Panharmonicon, you can put a rather large amount of creatures into play. You play Drowner, it triggers twice, you get four tokens, you sacrifice three tokens to activate Displacer, netting one token per rotation, and gets even crazier when you add more Panharmonicon into the mix! I played a game earlier this week where I had three of the artifacts in play, and turned that game around after doing that loop.

These Panharmonicon come in different flavors, there is a UW list that Blake Rasmussen played for a while. A UG list that finished in the top eight of a SCG IQ. A five color list that is for some reason labelled as Sultai finished well in a SCG IQ in Lexington, and an Eldritch Evolution based version that did well in Statesville. Even decks like UR Colossus play it, not only as a way to get more use out of Crane and Prism, but to reduce the cost of Metalwork Colossus as well!

You can do a lot with a sweet four casting cost artifact in this format!

Moving on to another four drop artifact, we have one of my pet cards in the format, Aetherflux Reservoir.

SPottenger played this list to a 5-0 finish in another league, and to me this deck is the same kind of value deck that the Panharmonicon previously was. You have a lot of the same creatures, Cloudblazer, Reflector Mage, and Pilgrim’s Eye make repeat appearances, and Thraben Inspector and Torrential Gearhulk join the squad as well. You get to out value your opponent with this deck as well, but where Panharmonicon was the driving force for it in the last deck, this deck looks to take advantage of Engulf the Shore and Essence Flux. These two cards allow you to gain incremental life advantage with Aetherflux Reservoir while you recast your dorks. Don’t be afraid to cast Essence Flux early either, as that card can allow you to gain the last bits of life you need to fire up your laser in concert with the Gearhulk.

I took a turn with the deck en route to a 4-1 league finish, where I had gained a bit of life through Cloudblazer and Reservoir but was losing control of the game. A Torrential Gearhulk was my burly protector and sprung forth during my tapped out opponent’s end step. Getting a Flux, then another flux, and the third flux lead to Glimmer of Genius and fifteen points of life, which was enough to dome my opponent for fifty. Like an RKO, my winning that game had to come out of nowhere for my opponent.

We’re going to look at one more deck and that is one that Giovanni Agbuya played to a win at a 14 person PPTQ in the Philippines. If you thought looking at Panharmonicon and Aetherflux Reservoir was a bit much, then get ready to look at Metallurgic Summonings!

While it was a 14 person tournament, this is a pretty fun deck to goof off with. Instead of getting value from creatures, this time we’re looking to get extra value from our spells! Metallurgic Summonings is the key card to this deck, and if you can untap with the enchantment in play it is really hard to lose the game! We’ve got plenty of countermagic and removal packed in to the deck, and with the enchantment in play we get an artifact creature every time a spell is cast. Combined with Part the Waterveil, you’re making some serious beaters! Glimmer of Genius makes a 4/4 and draws two cards. Murder makes a 3/3 and kills a creature. That’s great value, but not in the Wal*Mart sense of great value. That would be generic goods.

Summonings also lets you exile it to return all your instants and sorceries if you have six artifacts in play, and this is a killer play when you have extra copies of the enchantment in play. There is just so much value in this deck! It helps that it matches up well with the RW vehicles deck!

I hope you enjoyed the brief look at underplayed cards in the Standard format, and hope you consider playing one in an upcoming event. Or don’t, keep playing boring Standard decks for all I care, it’s not like I’m your parent or anything.

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