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Gatecrash Prerelease in a Flash

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Finance, Magic Culture

Gatecrash has left me very underwhelmed now that the full spoiler has been released. That said, prereleases are amazing. Despite how I feel about the set itself, I wholeheartedly recommend you playing in at least one this weekend if you can.

Like the Return to Ravnica events, in Gatecrash prereleases you will be choosing a guild for the event. That raises the question, which guild pack will make me the most money (the only mythic you can open in a guild pack is the guildleader)?

Orzhov is the best deal, followed by Simic and Boros. The ability to strike gold is more relevant than the average price of rares per guild because the better guildleaders will carry a significant premium this weekend and you can pretty much get whatever you want back for them. (The rest of the cards in the set are less than $6 TCG Mid.) In Return to casino pa natet Ravnica, rares like Abrupt Decay and Detention Sphere made the math more interesting; unfortunately Gatecrash isn”t quite so complicated.

Trade Targets

1. Domri Rade is one of the few cards from Gatecrash whose price can really jump after this weekend. He could hit $30 with a good weekend and even if he doesn”t perform well early, planeswalkers tend to fall much slower than other cards which gives you time to get out.

2. Standard dual lands. I know this is boring, but people are going to want to try new decks and they need to be able to cast their spells. The prerelease is a great opportunity to trade overpriced Gatecrash cards for RTR shocklands and the like.

3. Foil guildleaders will be in very high demand from Commander players during the first few weeks. Similarly, foil Primordials and Thespian”s Stages are great pickups if you can find any.

Trade Traps

1. It”s possible the hate has gone too far with Gideon, Champion of Justice, though I still think the card is terrible and will follow in the footsteps of Vraska the Unseen. If I can trade one away for established Standard cards I”ll be ecstatic.

2. Aurelia, the Warleader will probably never be a four-of, which is a shame because she”s awesome. I doubt she sees widespread play even as a two-of in Standard and will drop to $4-$6 in a few months time.

3. Duskmantle Seer is very hard to rate, which in the dark makes me
want to stay away, especially at $16. I also don”t think it”s very good, especially with how crowded the aggressive four spot is in Standard.


Almost all of the cards opened in this weekend”s prereleases will go down, and the best trades will involve trading your Gatecrash cards for Return to Ravnica staples that have not recovered from the December price dip yet. It”s better to wait a few months to pick up any Gatecrash cards you like on the long term (especially casual foils) when the market becomes saturated before Dragon”s Maze.

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