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Higher Standard: Week 3 Sidisi Whip

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

The past two weeks we have covered a deck that was reliant on a neat enchantment. We are done talking about Ensoul Artifact for the foreseeable future, but we are going to talk about a deck that features a really neat enchantment again. Whip of Erebos is one of my favorite cards in the Standard format. I love reanimating things, and this card does that quite well! It also has the added bonus of lifelink, which is outstanding when you’re behind on life and need to stabilize, or when you might be losing control and need to pull ahead to get a bit more breathing room.

Whip was typically played in Abzan decks before Khans came out. It had some great targets, Ashen Rider is a beast when you’re returning it early, often times disrupting their mana or exiling their best creature. Abhorrent Overlord was another outstanding target. The devoted flier would make a few 1/1 fliers when it came into play, but it has since been outclassed by Hornet Queen.

Of course times change, and so must decks. With the release of Khans, if you wanted to whip it real good, the deck of choice was based around the Sultai Brood. Why wouldn’t it be? The delve mechanic plays nicely with self mill, which is what Sidisi, Brood Tyrant does really well. Add in a zombie for milling a creature each time it comes into play or attacks, and you have a recipe for deck that can overwhelm the opposition. The deck has been championed by players like Eugene Hwang and Christian Seibold, and for good reason. With Whip, Queen, and the little seen Mythic Rare from Magic 2015, Soul of Innistrad you have a solid matchup against Abzan midrange and aggro. You’re fairly good against Mardu tokens and the mono green devotion. You’re grinding your opponents out with incremental advantage from Sidisi and a stream of returned dorks from Whip or Soul.

On the other hand, you’re a dog to Jeskai. It’s a winnable matchup, but their mix of cheap threats and countermagic makes things a bit difficult. I do not want to say that you have to have the perfect draw to beat them, but it sure does help. Another shifty matchup I have found is Temur. Temur Charm can be a blow out in its Mana Leak mode, and Sacage Knuckleblade puts on a ton of pressure, easily outclassing your mana dorks and Courser of Kruphix. Sadly the worst matchup I have seen with the deck is one that is not expensive to build, and I see it all the time on MTGO.

Any deck that opens on Foundry Street Denizen and follows that up with Hammerhand would normally be thought of as a dream. That is until you’re struck about the face for five damage on turn two! It’s not a neat feeling! Feels kinda bad to see what people would think of as draft leavings beating you down for the win on turn four. The deck is real. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it is capable of doing the dumbest things.

Sidisi though will not take any sass from a Jeskai deck, or a Red deck, or some silly combo deck. Sidisi is going to do whatever it is that tyrants do, and I assume that includes a lot of crushing of the enemy type things.

I recently played in a PreTQ with the deck, and was feeling pretty good about opening up at 2-0. I took a loss in the third round, and in the fourth I took another. Out of contention I was paired up against a 3-1. I scooped my opponent into an invite for the PTQ, because honestly, I could have won 9 packs out of the deal, but I would have created a feel bad moment. I’m not in the business of making feel bad moments. Scooping was right because it allowed at least one of us to get what we came for. Packs do neither of us any good, except for buying in to the next one.

I’ve talked enough, let’s take a look at the deck I played in these videos

First of all, Sagu Mauler is a card that I was a bit worried about. I mean who wants a 6/6 with Hexproof and trample? Who wants a versatile morph? Yeah people should want this kinda stuff. While a bit clunky and expensive, this card is the truth, and it’s the reason why the Abzan matchup is so so good. It blanks Hero’s Downfall. It is bigger than the Siege Rhino in the room. It does matchup poorly with Hornets Nest and Hornet Queen. Deathtouch is really good against it. It does trample over them though. Sagu Mauler is the truth, and it is outstanding. If you are wanting to make any cuts to this deck I would strongly suggest not cutting the Mauler. It is that good!

Anyways, the deck is a lot of fun, and I hope that these videos show off a bit of that. I played four rounds this time, just two person queues, and ended up going 3-1. I lost to a Abzan Whip deck (I do think that it is going to pick up some steam soon, the deck is in my mind, unexplored and there is a lot of things that can be found there. Ashen Rider is great and [card]Hornet Queen[card] is an upgrade over the Overlord.) We beat an Abzan midrange deck, a Jeskai deck and a mono red deck. Let’s just say the mono red player was drowned in sorrows.

Enjoy the videos, and next week I’ll be back with a look at Golgari Enchantress!

Thanks for watching and stopping by, have a great weekend!

Joshua Claytor

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