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In Search of a Legacy Part 3

Written by Corey Worden on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Legacy

In Search of a Legacy Part 3

Corey Worden

I started playing Magic in 1998 in high school. I took a large break from about 2000 until 2013 and I am now a PPTQ and GP grinder. I live in Wyoming and rely on MTGO as my main means of practice and I travel to Utah and Colorado for many premier level events. I am a college instructor and a lab associate for our local hospital. I am married with 2 children who I hope will one day be better at Magic than I am. Follow me on Twitter @coreyworden and https://www.twitch.tv/starrbuk​

Greetings everyone, I am back with another installment in the creation of my first Legacy deck. If you are new to the series I would like to welcome you and thank you for reading. Here are the links to the previous two articles here and here.

Well, I have finally received all of my cards from my initial purchase. I spent $280 and bought some KMC Hyper Matte Sleeves to protect my investment. It was really fun sleeving this deck up. I have always talked about getting into Legacy and have never actually made the commitment. As I was watching this deck come together in my hands it really gave me a sense of pride to join the Legacy community finally. This community has a great group of podcasters, writers, and fans of the game that really keep this format alive and well.

I got to spend my first $30 bi-weekly allotment for the deck this week and it came with a few decisions that needed to be made. Since I can only spend $30 every two weeks, I need to be smart with my first investments. I need to prioritize the missing pieces that are cheaper, while leaving things like Force of Will, and Flusterstorm for later on. After a few games of go fish with myself and the deck I made up my mind.

I’ve been talking about this “Reanimator” deck for weeks now, but there’s a missing piece in what I’ve bought so far, a glaring one at that. I need Reanimate to make this a reanimator deck! This is where I have decided to invest my first few allotments. The card is a little costly though and I really like the Archenemy version as they are older and black border. (Because let’s face it, no one likes white bordered cards!) So this one Reanimate cost 2/3rds of my budget, with only 10$ left to spend I decided to pick up the 4th copy of Entomb I was missing. Here is my deck list as it sits now:

The cards I am missing are: 1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, 3 Reanimate, 4 Force of Will, 3 Verdant Catacombs, 1 Bayou, 1 Tropical Island, 1 Underground Sea, 1 Flusterstorm, and 1 Show and Tell.

Now that the deck is functional (with a few sideboarded cards maindeck currently) I will be able to start getting some testing in with the deck, I hope to be able to bring this to you in the form of recorded play testing sessions with others from my local play group. These will be both recorded and streamed on my Twitch channel.

The last order of business we have in this series is the building of my Legacy deck online to mirror the creation in paper. I will start to purchase these cards this week and I will do my best to mirror my purchases online and in paper. I hope you will join me in streaming these matches as I learn, inevitably fail, and hopefully succeed with navigating this deck in the competitive brackets of MTGO.

I’d like to thank Legitmtg.com for hosting my article and having a great group of content producers, as well as Desert Keep Games, they are a great local store always buying, and always willing to obtain any card I need. Until next time, may the Banned and Restricted lists not include your favorite card.

Follow me on twitch, twitter, and my MTGO username is Starrbuk.

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