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Interview With a Pyromaster

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

[Editor’s Note: Jonathan Medina asked the Twitterverse what they thought of Chandra, Pyromaster, and Scott Camp is one of two winners who will receive $50 in store credit from Legit MTG.]


MC: Hey fellow planeswalkers, thanks for joining us today for this special interview with M14’s starring planeswalker and greatest red planeswalker, Chandra Nalaar!

Chandra: I’m going by Chandra, Pyromaster now.

MC: Oh, all right. Well either way, we’re excited to talk about the first red planeswalker to allow players to dra-

Chandra: STOP! I don’t let players draw cards.

MC: Technically no, they exile the card from their library and have to play it that turn, but still you functionally let players dra-

Chandra: NO! I don’t do that. I swear. I don’t let players draw cards. Don’t you know what happened to the last red planeswalker that let players draw a card?

MC: Well it was Tibalt, the Fiend Blooded.

Chandra: Exactly. Did you see what they did to that guy? He set the definition for bulk planeswalker. All because he waltzed in and demanded that he be allowed to draw cards “no matter what.”

MC: He does draw cards, I guess.

Chandra: You should’ve heard the laughs coming out of R&D. “We’ll show him red card draw.” Those people are animals.

MC: On to more pleasant topics, let’s talk about your later appearance. In M14 you’re a 2RR planeswalker that starts with four loyalty.

Chandra: Yeah, I’ve been hitting the weights lately so I can take a hit or two. To be fair, it is not in your best interest to let that happen.

MC: True, losing such a potent card-advantage engine would be a terrible waste.

Chandra: I meant that I would burn your face off. Or genitals. Whatever.

MC: Right. So it would behoove the player to either stabilize the board or have blockers to protect you while you let them  generate card advantage.

Chandra: Either that or put out so much reckless aggression that attacking me isn’t really an option.

MC: So Chandra, since you’re styling yourself as the Pyromaster I was expecting a little more fire in your abilities.

Chandra: I feel like burning a creature to death or at least to the point where they are useless for a turn is plenty fiery. Also burning your opponent. With fire.

MC: That is fiery, but your ultimate is decidedly not fiery. One could even use it to dra-

Chandra: What did I say about THAT WORD!

MC: … cards through other spells? For seven loyalty you exile 10 cards from your library and pick a spell to copy three times, casting those copies for free.

Chandra: Oh, well I guess technically that’s OK. Yeah my ultimate can draw cards. That is probably a waste though. X spells are useless and “burn your face for six or nine” is better than playing a deck full of Divination.

MC: I think most control decks would rather draw six cards than “burn for six or nine,” but, yes, aggressive decks would love to finish people off that way. But to get your ultimate, the player needs to skip using your card dra- advantage ability four times. Four new cards sounds awfully nice. So you’re delaying all those turns and losing a planeswalker to get an extra two cards?

Chandra: I would understand if players only used my +0. Having extra exiled spells that you can cast is very useful. Impulsive and red, unlike, say, drawing cards, which I can’t do.

MC: Well when do you see your +1 being useful? When is that going to be better than a new card? Doing one damage to an opponent, one to a creature and making it unable to block sounds limited.

Chandra: There are a couple of utility creatures that I can char up. My new protege fits that bill nicely.

MC: Ah, yes the Young Pyromancer. He learned everything from you?

Chandra: Yes. I don’t teach people things that let them survive me murdering them, so he is staying at a nice one toughness. I can get several of the new slivers as well.

MC: Sounds like the current environment full of two- and three-toughness creatures isn’t much for your liking. You can’t kill them but they can kill you.

Chandra: Like I was saying earlier, I’m going to do well in a balls-to-the-wall situation removing blockers or digging through decks. The other mode I’m good in is sitting back safe and exiling spells from a library for the player to cast.

MC: Those are two very different situations. I’ve heard some trash talk from Hellrider and Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch that you can’t handle the four-drop slot.

Chandra: I’m a different kind of four-drop. In an aggressive deck against another aggressive deck, I am in trouble. But against a midrange or control deck I’m a lot better.

MC: For control decks, what do you bring to the table that someone like Jace doesn’t?

Chandra: Consistency and utility. Jace may be able to draw you cards, but he can only do it every couple of turns. I get you a new card every turn. Jace also can’t perform anything close to removal.

MC: So you’ll either be reach for aggro decks against non-aggro decks or a value generator for midrange or control decks.

Chandra: Pretty much. Also don’t forget the burning and the murdering. I think people are underestimating the burning and the murdering.


MC: Well that is all for this week fellow planeswalkers. Thank you to our distinguished guest, Chandra, Pyromaster, and we’ll see you all out on the battlefield! Good night!

Chandra: Hey that went pretty well. Thanks.

MC: No problem. I think you’ll do well in the future, but we’ll just have to see what kind of metagame pops up in M14 and beyond.

Chandra: Are you kidding me? I’m a red planeswalker that can draw cards. I will always be good. Wait, we’re off the air right?

MC: Uh, not just yet.



Chandra: I was just kidding Maro. I totally do not allow players to draw cards. Please don’t nerf me.

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