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From Heather, with Love

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture

An estimated 13,000,000 people have played Magic: the Gathering.

Hold up, pause, and think about that.

The largest GP ever in Las Vegas was attended by about 4,500 people.

The official Facebook page for MTG has 786,000 followers.

Luis-Scott Vargas has 19,000 followers. Brian Kibler has 18,000 followers.

If you think you know your audience … you haven’t even scratched the surface.

I have loved Magic: the Gathering my entire adult life. I’ve played cards. I’ve had fun. I went years without knowing the name of a single professional Magic player. I spent a decade without someone telling me how to build my deck or what the hell a meta was (thank god that decade is over). I was a durdle. Alright, let’s keep it real, I am a durdle. The durdles who don’t go to stores, except at midnight on release day to pick up their box. They don’t go to GPs or make a living off slinging cardboard crack. I wanted to help create a space for the other 12,213,886 Magic lovers to occupy. A space that talked about issues faced by a community of millions of casual players. A place that promotes and showcases people with no voice, no fans, no clout. One man let me do that.

The Genesis

It began with a tweet. Someone on Twitter, a random person I followed, sent out a call. A call for writers. In small black and white print it stated that if I had an idea and would like to write for Legit MTG, the website would soon be taking submissions. I had never written an article about Magic in my life, but I knew what Magic content was missing. I felt its emptiness. It was missing context. It was missing an awareness that in world of 13 million players, not enough had been written or done to reach them, to reach me.

I responded with my idea. I told Jonathan Medina I wanted to write an article about the important conversations and interactions people have in our magical community and game on a daily basis. I didn’t want my voice to influence the conversation in any way. I wanted the conversation to be told in their own words, featuring their own names. I wanted to give the unpros a voice. I did it through 20 simple tweets.

We launched a site.

We built a family.

We developed content that made Goliath pay attention to us. Don’t get confused. I don’t mean I made Goliath pay attention to me. All of you are the “us” of which I speak. The millions of players who will never tweet at a pro or get in a heated debate with @mtgaaron. You just hum along, steadily tweeting your friends about Game Day, Instagramming your buddies pictures of the fattie you just crushed with, or Facebooking a bad beats story. I just want you to know that we wanted you. We cared about you. In the grand scheme of things we barely made a dent, even though we tried.

Everything changes.

We spent long nights and more hours debating, developing, writing, and rewriting. Trying to think of way to give you a voice. A way to talk about the things that matter in your life. Like how hard it can be to grow up. To find time. To keep a little selfish fun while being everything to everybody. Like how you want to play this game but the boys don’t want to play nice with you. Like how you want a broken fucking Chandra (just one time) to blow shit up with. We featured your decks, your tweets, your stories.

All things must end.

It has been me and Medina through it all with our brilliant staff of writers, podcasters, and streamers. I turned down offers to write for amazing sites along the way such as Star City Games and countless others because I believed in one man. One vision. Jonathan Medina. I would do it all again. I don’t care what missteps happened. What stumbles a man might take. The years spent building and working with Medina on Legit MTG have been the best of my life. I appreciate everything he has done for me but mostly I appreciate all of you. You rooted for the underdogs. You supported the durdles. You loved us just because.

Thank you.

A man must walk a path.

A woman must walk a different one.

Medina will no longer be able to be with you. His Magical life must metamorph into something  else.

I love my Magic and Magic people. I have decided to take my magical experiments and ramblings to Gathering Magic. I am excited to work for Adam and join his unbelievably talented team. I am beyond excited about this next chapter in my magical life.

Thank you Legiters for all your support, love, friendship, and years. It’s everything.

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