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Learning the Deck: An Enlightened Combo!

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Learning the Deck:  An Enlightened Combo!

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Last week after streaming a bit on the Legitmtg.com twitch channel, which you can find here, I sat down unsatisfied from a another mediocre play session. It might have been mediocre because I was trying to make Plow Under and Avalanche Riders work in Modern, and that eventually turned into Primal Command and Shivan Wumpus.

In the year of our lord, 2017, I beat a UR Storm deck with Shivan Wumpus in my deck.

2017 truly is wild!

Trying to break out of a funk, I brainstormed a list of cards that I wanted to cast in Modern, or a list of things that I wanted to do, because honestly, I do love blanking strategies with turn two Blood Moon, I also really like just having fun whenever I can, and I figure if I am having fun and playing goofy off the wall decks, I could grow the channel (and the site’s YouTube, which you can find here) and make my streaming time feel like less of an obligation and more of a chance to relax after shifts of editing, returning emails, messing around on twitter, (I need to do that better, you can find the twitter here) reading and interacting with writers. I find that I have more motivation to do it when I am having fun, and I think I am doing a bit better in regards to that!

I want to talk about this fever dream of stuff that I want to do in Modern though. Here is the basic stuff from my Facebook post.

1. Cast Enduring Ideal.
2. Cast all the Stone Rain.
3. Cast all the Time Warp.
4. Boom all my Flagstones.
5. Cast Restore Balance.
6. Play Conleys Curse deck.
7. Mill.
8. Cast Tooth and Nail.
9. Cast Wildfire.
10. rework UR Through the Breach to be UR Land Destruction Through the Breach.
11. Swap Kiki Jiki into my UR Land Destruction Twin deck.
12. Cast Battle of Wits.
13. Hive Mind.
14. Apparently Spew tickets and play points.
15. Cast Cruel Ultimatum.

A lot of that stuff is just not good, which I admittedly know already. However, outside of casting Stone Rain, Time Warp and Through the Breach, it seems like a lot of fun! Enduring Ideal is a card that I played in the MOCS before, and I believe has a lot of potential, but it’s really only played in Mono White Devotion Enchantment decks. Is that the best place for it? I’ve Boomed my fair share of Flagstones already, but could the build be tighter? Restore Balance just seems like a ton of fun, and Conley’s curse deck is the same. Mill is great, Tooth and Nail has a home in mono green devotion, and Wildfire is more than likely wildly unplayable in the format, but outside of my pride what does it really cost? Battle of Wits may actually allow me to accomplish all of those things in one handy dandy deck and is going to be a heck of a challenge. Hive Mind, outside of rituals may be impossible, and Cruel Ultimatum is the reason this article exists. Yeah I am actually writing about Brilliant Ultimatum.

While I was doing cursory research for these ideas I decided to check up on the rest of the Ultimatum cycle from Shards of Alara. While Cruel Ultimatum deservedly got the most play, I remember Violent Ultimatum seeing some play. Clarion Ultimatum and Titanic Ultimatum were bulk rares. Brilliant Ultimatum seemed pretty fly though. It’s a seven mana sorcery speed Fact or Fiction, but you can cast the spells from the pile you kept for free. I was interested to see if it ever got any run, and checking the goldfish search, I stumbled upon this deck from 2015, as played by Anthony Paynic to a top eight in a SCG IQ.

This deck is the most precious thing in the world and it must be protected at all costs! Look at it! Twelve lands! Cards that cost 8, 12, 10 and 15 mana! Serum Powder! Pull from Eternity! Of course you’re not hardcasting these spells. The deck works like this: Get Narset, Enlightened Master in to the graveyard. Cast Goryo’s Vengeance targeting the legend. Attack and flip four cards. You’re looking for cards that give you more attack steps, which you can cast for free, and eventually chain into an Omniscience, which you then use to cast Enter the Infinite, which draws your deck, minus a card, and should by then, give you all the extra attacks you need to win via Fury of the Horde and Relentless Assault. If you miss you have the Emrakul, the Aeons Torn backup plan, which ideally is cast through Omniscience, but remember, you can respond to it’s trigger with a Vengeance! The Emrakul plan works really well if your opponent has a lot of blockers, but you can still get work done with Narset even if they do. Just bring it back again, cast more free attack spells and keep the engine going.

The sideboard is of course, meta dependent, it’s not great on MTGO, and really lacks a lot of answers to the widely played graveyard hate of format. Changes will need to be made there.

Here is the deck in action!

There is some a lot of potential in the deck, but needing to cast Spoils of the Vault with the hopes of not dying in order to exile Narset so you can cast Pull from Eternity to bring it back in to play is a hoop that is kinda fun to jump through, but for sure not the most efficient. The most obvious parallel to current Modern that the deck has is the other Vengeance deck in the format, Grishoalbrand. I believe that I could get some important information for the the Narset combo from this potent deck.

So this is my personal project for now. Next week, I will bring some more video play, and new build of the deck. The week after I plan on tuning and really working out the sideboard, and finally I hope to have the deck ready for league play soon thereafter. I guess I have the ticket to spew, might as well make the most of the it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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