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Legit vs Pure Week 11: Monstars or Nerdlucks?

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

This week we are taking a look at a Green Red deck played by John Bolt in a recent Starcitygames event.

Yes I am well aware that Frank Lepore did this last week, but the deck is so much fun that I felt another look could not be a bad thing. Besides Fanatic of Xenagos and Ashcloud Phoenix do not get a ton of love in this Standard format, and both of those cards to me are fairly exciting. The tribute mechanic never really saw a ton of play so any excuse to show it off is a good one for me.

Tribute not being a huge thing may have more to do with it not being very good. However Fanatic is a 3/3 trampler for three mana, and that seems like a pretty good deal right?

Here is the decklist that we are featuring this week.

Here are the videos of the deck in action.

I really enjoyed playing this deck, it to me felt like playing Temur but without the need for a third color of mana. While Savage Knuckleblade is a great card, and having access to countermagic is a very nice thing, the consistency of a two color deck was nice to have. Stubborn Denial is great and all, but not having to keep mana up to deal with a potential threat was even better. Being able to aim a Crater’s Claws to use up all of my mana or cast a creature felt much more efficient.

I have also finally found a deck where the inclusion of Goblin Rabblemaster makes sense! The ability to cast the goblin on turn two is awfully nice, but I still sideboarded a lot in this series.

Next week may be an off week, (I have my son this week and recording with a seven year old while playing video games is not a thing I really want to be doing!) but I am hoping that it is not, as I have a really sweet list for us to look at! The next time I am here we will also have another Story Time bit, I just really want to go play some Lego Batman with my boy!

Hope you all have had a great holiday and be safe in the upcoming New Year!

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