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Legit vs Pure: Week 9 Jeskai Aggro

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

I changed the title here, finally, I guess tying the two sites features together makes a little bit of sense right? If you’re interested in how the other deck plays in the matchup, please go to PureMTGO.com. Casper does a great job with the videos, and the Standard format has thankfully been a lot of fun to showcase since Khans of Tarkir rotated in.

I sincerely doubt that we would be doing this series if Standard looked like it did whenever Caw-Blade or Affinity ruined Standard. However with the wedges of Khans we are seeing all kinds of neat things! Sultai has great deck based around Whip of Erebos. Abzan can go aggro, midrange or reanimator (of course with the aforementioned Whip). Mardu has a Planeswalker control list, a tokens list and can also go midrange. Temur has the scariest three drop in the format in Savage Knuckleblade, and the Khan we are covering today can go in several directions as well.

While I have yet to see a dedicated control deck in the Jeskai wedge, I have seen tokens. I have seen combo decks in the colors (thanks to the power of Jeskai Ascendancy). It has a burn variant and the Pro Tour runner up played a Jeskai Aggro deck featuring cheap beaters in the form of Goblin Rabblemaster and Mantis Rider (Seeker of the Way was a one of in the list). Backing up these killer creatures was a suite of burn spells that threatened to melt the face off even the most battle tested mage. Jeskai Charm gets a lot of love, and for good reason. It can be four damage to the face, or it can pump a board full of creatures (of course if you’re pumping with enough creatures to deal more than the four that the charm would deal by default, you’re probably very far ahead in the game anyways!) or deal with a blocker that might take out your token producing machine. Stoke the Flames is a very good Magic card, and you cannot go wrong with staples like Lightning Strike and Magma Jet. Add in utility like Banishing Light and you can see why a player like Shaun McLaren would be able to take this deck to a match within a Pro Tour championship!

I’m no where near the caliber of player as Shaun is. The only Pro Tour I ever played in I qualified for the night before the event started, and lost the deck I was going to play (I was going to play a Tinker deck) to another friend who was already qualified. This left me scrambling to find a deck, and I ended up with an all foil Psychatog deck. While pretty, it was not a great call for a person who slept for less than 3 hours, thanks to the late qualifier, and had not played the deck before the in the Extended format. I finished 317th out of 318, but I made a lot of memories there. I got to play the Question Mark trivia show with good friend Jason Dooley. I gambled for the first time ever. I watched Magic players play Texas Hold ‘Em, and at the time thought, why would anyone play that game?

Maybe I should just start doing a story time thing before I show off the lists and the videos? I have been around the tournament scene since 1999, and do have a lot of stories.

Let’s get to the lists that are being showcased today.

Here is the deck that we are playing against

I like the look of Casper’s list. It looks like a ton of fun, but some things seem a bit questionable to me. Master the Way seems awfully cute until you’re blown out by it. It’s a bit of a risk since there is not a ton of library manipulation in the format, but when it hits big it hits big! I’m really jealous of a deck that can cast Steam Augury, it’s an under looked card in the format thanks to Dig Through Time just being stone cold nuts.

Again I get paired against a deck that has a ton of removal while I have a very small amount of creatures. Sigh.

Here are the videos

I enjoyed playing the deck a lot, and would recommend playing Jeskai in any upcoming Standard event that you have to play in. It’s very flexible in what it does. It can beatdown with the best of them, or change plans and throw burn at the face at a very shocking rate.

Next week we will be taking a look at Mardu, which is one of my most favorite color combinations ever to play!

Thanks for hanging out with us today!

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