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Maze’s End Game

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Casual Magic, Commander


What’s the most powerful thing you can do in Commander?

I’d expect to hear answers like, “Play Tooth and Nail” or “Activate a Hermit Druid” but I would offer a simpler answer.

Play lands.

Commander often comes down to big spells and big turns. I learned quickly that the guy with the most lands typically wins the game. This isn’t an absolute statement; sometimes the combo player wins with fewer lands than everyone else, but the concept of “more lands equals more powerful plays” still stands. This is one of the reasons that I think green is the best color in Commander. It’s also why I’ve found it hard to stray from green when building a new Commander deck.

My Child of Alara deck is no different. At its heart it’s a green deck. The focus of the deck is to play a ton of lands and eventually win the game, but with more than half the deck being lands and you might be asking, “How do I win with this pile of turf!?”

I’m glad you asked.

One: Beat down!

If you hit each player with Trinket Mage 20 times then you win the game! The same is true for Oracle of Mul Daya.

Two: Sculpting Minds

Play the “lame duck” role until it’s down to you and one other player. Clear the board with Child of Alara and then play Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Activate Jace’s plus ability five times, then activate his ultimate ability.

Ok, OK, I know what you’re thinking. “This deck can’t win!” I will admit the first two paths to victory can be described as “loose” but these next two paths are the bread and butter, so hang in there.

Three: With Fire

Play Borborygmos Enraged, throw lands at someone’s face. This path to victory is helped along by Creeping Renaissance to get more lands in your hand or rebuy the ones you’ve thrown. You also have incremental damage via Trinket Mage beats and the “close-to-being-cut” enchantment Crackling Perimeter. Finally you might need to Valakut a player or two out before attempting to burn the rest of the table with Borborygmos.

Four: The End

The concept of this deck started with one card, Maze’s End. Whenever a card says, “You win the game.” it gets my attention. Especially since my red / green Borborygmos Enraged has become my favorite Commander deck in recent months. I decided to take the heart of that deck and add the “10-Guildgate-Maze’s-End” package. The idea is that I can Scapeshift into an instant win (if Amulet of Vigor is on the board). I can also Diabolic Revelation into the combo if I don’t have Scapeshift and then Manabond it into play; if I get a little help from Amulet of Vigor, I can win on the spot.

The deck has a lot of little interactions and this is version one of the deck so I’ll be working on fine-tuning it in the months to come. Enjoy!

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