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Modern Masters 2 is a failure

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Finance, Magic Culture

DISCLAIMER:  The views and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the author. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Nate Lawrence, Joshua Claytor, the LegitMTG.com staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Dear Magic Community,

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a beautiful picture, I promise! Like all good Magic: The Gathering stories, it takes place in magical christmas land. Modern Masters 2 had just come out! And boy was it a success! Misprints were extremely rare, every card was centered, and the packaging was an eco friendly blend of plastic and aluminum (instead of a weird cardboard). Everyone was thrilled that Wizards hadn’t reprinted Blinkmoth Nexus for no reason! Mythic rares were common and new players actually bought the packs, since the packs were 4.99. Modern Masters 2 filled its exact purpose and all the new and old players were happy.

Ok, that story is obviously the most satirical thing I have ever written on this site. What I wrote was wrong. Modern Masters 2 has serious misprint and uncentered issues as well as providing players with MP cards right out of the box (some even creased and damaged). I am more than happy to say that I will not be purchasing any more Modern Masters 2015 for the sole reason that I hate it. I cannot imagine pulling a foil Tarmogoyf only to have it be uncentered, creased, and MP out of the pack. There are serious production issues and more seem to be coming in by the dozens. This set flopped. If you are wondering where I am seeing all of these issues, just hop over to any website that has forums dedicated to Magic: The Gathering. I am not the only one who has realized that something needs to be done about this. Also, Blinkmoth Nexus should have been Grove of the Burnwillows. Just sayin’.

Let’s talk specifics. If I am going to rant, I want to be perfectly clear what my complaints are. I’m sure the entire Magic community can agree that Modern Masters 2 was made to reprint a certain bunch of successful cards that see heavy play in the modern format. This should, in turn, provide new players with a cheaper entry fee to one of the most fun and widely played formats of Magic: The Gathering. Players should have the option of getting a 35$ original Karn Liberatedor a 25$ Modern Masters 2 Karn Liberated. This is where the mistakes begin.

Why is Karn Liberated still floating around 39-45$? Because the new set did not create a fall of prices. It created a new price bracket! You could buy original, quality Karns that don’t feel fake to the touch, or you could buy a slick MP Karn that got cracked this morning from a pack. A pack that costs 9.99. Wait…


“Let’s make a new set that makes Modern more accessible to the common players who often say this phrase: ‘Modern is too expensive.’” – Developer A

“Sure thing! By the way, let’s make each pack 10$.” – Developer B

“Why would we do that? The prices wouldn’t fall more than 5-10% on the Modern staples!” -Developer A

“Exactly. More money for us! The price of the singles that everyone is looking for will always be more than the price of the packs, which is already triple what we normally charge! We’ll make millions!” -Developer B


When Wizards of the Coast say the words “accessible” I feel like they mean the cards will appear all across the country. Affinity’s all star Mox Opal has only decreased by 10$. The deck still will cost an aspiring player anywhere between 350-450$, maybe more if they buy Modern Masters packs. A new player may view this as a gamble worth playing and end up getting nothing they really need. Nothing is new in the world of Magic, except now we have 10$ cheaper staples that feel and look like garbage (new card design is awful in my opinion).

But sure, a Splinter Twin is still a Splinter Twin. What makes this such a big deal? The cards still function efficiently and the new design is just “the new design.” The answer is that we as players need to realize when we are getting ripped off. Modern Masters 2 was that. A complete ripoff. Congratulations to those of you that managed to get fantastic pulls. My advice would be to sell them fast. Also, buying packs just to “buy packs” isn’t something that players should have to pay 10$ to do. If Wizards really wanted to make Modern Masters 2015 more accessible, then they should have priced the packs at 4.99. Stores could still charge 10$, but Timmy who likes Affinity would be able to get the cards he needs at a significantly reduced price.


If collectors want to retain value they need to begin collecting cards on the reserved list. Cards that are slotted for a reprint MAY GET REPRINTED. It is really shocking that no one thinks of this and whines when prices go down of their old, valuable cards. Also, did I mention that Grove of the Burnwillows didn’t get the reprint it deserved (and Oblivion Stone is still a bunch of money).

Losing value or gaining value shouldn’t be the purpose of your collection. If you are only collecting expensive staples then you are asking to be let down by reprints (Thoughtseize). Collecting to retain value is synonymous with collecting original dual lands, not reprint-able cards (like BLINKMOTH NEXUS).

I’m going to end my little rant with this. I hate this set. So much. It is much better to just go ahead and buy 6 packs of Dragons of Tarkir than it is to buy 2 packs of Modern Masters. I promise you that you will thank yourself in the end. Also, can you believe they chose to reprint Blinkmoth Nexus over Grove of the Burnwillows? THERE ARENT ANY BLINKMOTHS IN THE ENTIRE SET ASIDE FROM BLINKMOTH NEXUS. There isn’t even an explanation that the draft format needed it. Ugh. I hate that card.

Remember to buy your packs of standard legal sets from your local game store! Also, if you choose to buy Modern Masters 2015 packs, get them from your LGS too. At least the people you are familiar with and love will be able to hold you as you cry when you pull Comet Storm.


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