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Modern Mastery: The End of an Era

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Salutations, loyal and faithful reader base! This article will sadly be the last one flown under the Modern Mastery banner. I have really enjoyed this deep foray into the Modern format, and I sincerely appreciate the help and support everyone has given me during this journey. It was roughly seven months ago that I suggested my play skill was high enough to make Day 2 of a Grand Prix, provided I was able to practice correctly and effectively. The good folks here at LegitMTG challenged me to take up this goal seriously and provided me the tools to do it properly.

We started by exploring the format through a series of gauntlets and challenges, all the while learning about fundamental skills such as how to use fetchlands properly, playing to your outs, and the value of denying our opponent additional draws. From there we moved on to higher levels of understanding. I learned about all of the pillar decks in the format, determined all of the fundamental turns each deck relied upon, and became intimate enough with my own deck to make choices that played around these factors, both in play and in construction. These lessons came gratefully at the hands of such amazing Magic players as Lucas Siow, Alexander Hayne, Maksym Gryn, and PT Gatecrash Champion Tom Martell. I owe each of you gentlemen a huge debt, and I hope someday to be able to return the favor.

Grand Prix Trials were the next item on the list, because I knew the degree of success I would have in the Grand Prix itself would be strongly influenced by the number of byes I would have at the event. I played in three GP Trials, each time making it further and further through the ranks, until finally taking the last one down with our well-tuned Spirit Jund list. Feeling confident in my deck choice, and being intimately familiar with the matchups at the Grand Prix, I just missed Day 2 at X-3, of course losing Round 4 to none other than Lucas Siow. Rough. Beats. Licking my wounds, I took a break and got back on the saddle, this time in hopes to provide a fun Tier 2 look at the Modern format. With the banning of Storm and Bloodbraid Elf, it seemed to be a whole new world on MTGO; just about any deck had a chance of winning provided it was matched up properly. We played a bunch of decks, ranging from controlling planeswalker builds to aggressive Blood Moon builds, and finally, we ended on playing your decks, running them through the gauntlet of public scrutiny and having a blast while doing it. This week was no exception.

I received this during the first week of submissions, but initially dismissed it in favor of more exciting lists. After playing with the deck this week, I think I should have been on to this one earlier. For reference, here is what we sleeved up:

Yes, you see that correctly. I finally decided to take Splinter Twin for a ride. This is certainly a deck I would be happy taking to an FNM or GPT with some tweaks for your metagame. The deck was very fun to play, had many good decisions available to it, and could instantly win in a variety of different ways, often right out from nowhere. Apologies for the number of videos, but it seemed like Twitch and the Internet were both against me Monday.

Part 1

Watch live video from Legit MTG on TwitchTV

Part 2

Watch live video from Legit MTG on TwitchTV

Sorry about the choppy videos. You should just hit the past broadcasts on the page if you want to watch it in order and uninterrupted. I had a lot of fun playing with this deck, and would certainly choose this list if I had some time to tweak it to my preferred numbers and playstyle. I suggest that you give it a shot.

And here comes the good news.

I am attending GP Calgary this year. It is Standard. I will be rebooting the stream title to allow for an open format availability, making the show more dynamic and exciting. Please allow me to introduce you to Compulsive Research:

Watch live video from Legit MTG on TwitchTV

Our first episode will include piloting Standard Esper in some two-man events and maybe even a daily! Of course I had to celebrate the new show with a sweet guest, and I didn’t think twice about who I would ask to teach me about current Standard Esper. I instantly booked none other than the SCG Invitational End Boss, the Expensive Sorcery Master himself, Shaheen Soorani (@shaheenmtg). Shaheen will take us through his current Esper list, all while discussing the format and helping show us how his list is approaching the important pillars of the format. I am very excited to have Shaheen on the show, (which should surprise exactly nobody), and I’m equally excited about the format change. I already have plans for guests post PT Dragon’s Maze, and we can also play with some of the sweet block tech that comes out of the event.

Thank you loyal readers, supporters, and friends. I look forward to what the future holds for us. To the next step!

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