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Mono Green Auras

Written by James Heslip on . Posted in Casual Magic

Mono Green Auras

James Heslip

James is a budget Magic connoisseur who values silly strategies and rogue decks. He has been playing Magic since 1998, and competing in Legacy events since 2010. When he is not teaching high school English, he can be found brewing Casual and Legacy decks to play with his students and peers. Always appreciative of feedback, he loves it when people send suggestions and share crazy decks with him!

Fourth on our Aura Week journey is a Green list! Green is no stranger to powerful auras. Rancor has been a staple of aggressive beatdown strategies since the Urza block, and Pattern of Rebirth has been used to cheat in anything from Emrakul to Worldspine Wurm. Entire decks have been built around Blanchwood Armor, Ancestral Mask, and even Bear Umbra! Despite the power and fun of all of these enchantments, though, today’s list will include none of them. Regardless, there’s still plenty of fun to be had, and plenty of victories to celebrate!

The Core

Aggressive Enchantress lists which focus on Yavimaya Enchantress, Aura Gnarlid, and the aforementioned Ancestral Mask are common. I even have one myself, and have played it many times. Because of this, I wanted to try something more different with today’s deck.

Continuing our pattern of abusing auras which bounce themselves, Whip Silk makes an appearance as part of the core of our deck. It’s less costly than Mourning, and gives some nice protection in the form of Reach. Combine it with Druid of Horns, and you get infinite 3/3 beasts at two mana a pop.

Eidolon of Blossoms does a nice Argothian Enchantress impression to draw us lots of cards. This helps us find Whip Silk, or anything else we need. Season of Growth is arguably better, thanks to the much lower casting cost, the tacked on scry, and less susceptibility to removal. 


The Backup

With Whip Silk, the more mana we have for repeat castings, the better. Arbor Elf ramps us well in the early game, and pairs with Wild Growth wonderfully. Together, they allow for an early Druid or Eidolon, and give us plenty of Silk triggers.

Setessan Skirmisher’s Constellation ability fits in perfectly here. Deeproot Champion is a better version of the warrior, and can grow to some insane sizes if left unchecked. Unlike Druid, the abilities of both will trigger regardless of whether or not you are targeting them specifically. Nexus Wardens is similar, and keeps your health up so that you can focus on building your mana and board.

Vessel of Nascency makes finding Whip Silk a more reliable strategy. It also triggers your Skirmisher, Wardens, and Eidolon! Warbriar Blessing is also more easily found this way, too. Use it to kill off pesky blockers or other troublesome creatures. Spider Umbra finishes off the list. The +1/+1 boon is nice, as is the reach, but Umbra Armor is the real reason we play it. Use the Umbra aggressively for more damage, or defensively, to keep key monsters alive.

The Final List

Cost: $14.50 at the time of publication

Playing the Deck

Turn one Arbor Elf into a turn two Wild Growth is the dream start. Deeproot Champion should then come down as soon as possible, so that you can get the most out of his growth ability. Setessan Skirmisher is a close second here, for much the same reason. Use the human warrior if you want to put on early pressure.

Season of Growth is another common early play. The quicker you get the thing onto the battlefield, the more cards you’ll draw. Hopefully one of those many cards will be Whip Silk. If not, an early Vessel of Nascency can help you find it, too.

Once Silk is in hand, and you have enough mana to cast one of your four-drop creatures, go for it. Which one you want depends on the board state. Use Eidolon with Silk if you need more mana or auras. Use Druid if you’re ready to go for the kill. 

Gnarlback Rhino is a same-cost alternative to Eidolon of Blossoms. Play him if you prefer the larger body. Another option is Setessan Champion. Honestly, the only reason she wasn’t included in place of Skirmisher or Eidolon was her price tag. She just barely put us above our limit. Combining Gnarlback’s draw effect with Deeproot Champion’s growth means she’s better than both. Play her if you are willing to spend just a few extra dollars.

Avoid Fate and Seedling Charm give protection from removal, which is sometimes pivotal. Neither are auras or enchantments, though, so they don’t fit the theme as well as something like Canopy Cover.

Instill Energy and Nature’s Chosen bestow your creatures with a weird Vigilance-esque ability. They are best used when enchanting an Arbor Elf, though. 

Rancor, Ancestral Mask, and other stat-boosters are nice if you want to go for a more traditional build. In this case, I would also look to Aura Gnarlid, Yavimaya Enchantress, and even Rabid Wombat for some fun. Speaking of tradition, you can’t really go wrong with Argothian Enchantress and Enchantress’s Presence if you have a fat enough wallet.

Commune with the Gods, Kruphix’s Insight, and Benefaction of Rhonas are additional options when it comes to draw power and consistency. None of them trigger abilities, though, so I’d stay away from them.


What did you think of today’s list? Tell me about it on my facebook page. You can also send me an email at Spooky386@gmail.com. Wondering how my decks have changed since I last wrote about them? Check out all of my updated deck lists here


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