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MTG Woodstock: Friday

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture

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There will be lots of evaluations, breakdowns, analysis, and debate about the largest MTG event in history. Was it because of the location, this adult oasis in the desert? Was it because of the amazing job Wizards did designing Modern Masters? Is it just going to be the reality of ever-expanding GPs? People asked me about them running out of stamped product, about the prize support, about the format. They asked me about capping the event and discussed what they would like for future events.

But I am going to leave all that to people much smarter then me and tell you about the part of Magic I have always loved the most: the Gathering.

The call went out at the last minute.

“Register online now. The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be caped at 4,500 people.”

If you waited till Friday to register it might be too late. I was lucky my Haus @mtgmedina had already hooked me up with the VIP package for the event but everyone knew it was about to get serious in the City of Sin. When Friday morning finally arrived, excitement was crackling around me. It was my first time visiting a Grand Prix and it would be in my home city, playing a set like nothing Wizards had ever printed before.

I picked up my girl @dreamtimedrinne from her hotel at seven a.m. and we headed for the site. Even though we both had VIP packages, we heard rumors that people were going to start forming the line by six a.m. I was also going to be passing out more than 4,000 LegitMTG stickers to people in line, so we wanted to be there early just in case.

And the rumors were turned out to be true …


 The line of people who had already preregistered!


 This argyle pink playmat is fantastic. 


 In line getting his Selesyna on. 


Finally got to meet @Revarien (who I previously commissioned awesome alters from). He brought me a special Angel token! 

When we arrived, the line was almost to the end of the building, about to wrap around the block. We hurried up to grab our spot and spent two and a half hours meeting all the Magical people standing around us. I wasn’t sure what the mood of the crowd would be when I arrived, but everyone was electric, chattering to their neighbors. All around me were stories of epic road trips and people concrete card-slinging as far as I could see. The Vegas seduction began to creep in and you could sense everyone was hoping to be the lucky one who pulled the lever and came up Tarmogoyf. The doors were finally thrown open and the massive line outside turned into a massive line inside. Then the swag collecting began …


 The VIP line to pick up swag. 

photo 1 (5)

 Me (@RevisedAngel) and @Dreamtimedinne getting ready for Mini-Masters! 


After making sure I was registered and picking up my VIP swag, I was immediately seated for a Mini-Master flight. Having never played in the format before, I was really nervous. The pack I opened had a bunch of fliers, though, so I was pretty optimistic about my chances. I have spent a lifetime avoiding sanctioned Magic, so it was surreal to sit across from professional Magic players, about to crack packs with the big dogs.

I sat down and my opponent said, “High roll?” I nodded my head and he let the dice roll. He then offered me the dice and I shook them around and let them fly across the mat. My opponent then said watching the dice as you roll can be considered cheating. I was not too sure about that. It didn’t seem very logical that looking at the dice could affect their trajectory at all, but I didn’t win the roll anyways so we just got started with the game. I swept the two games and won my first match, meaning I advanced to the next round (and scored another free pack).

Hearing all the packs crack and seeing all the heads bowed examining their cards gave me chills. There were so many people around me, so many people here to play Magic. I had heard people talking in line that they expected 90 percent of the pros who attended Pro Tour San Diego to be onsite. I hoped this meant I could meet my Magic crush, @LSV, at some point in the weekend. I also couldn’t wait to see Magic superstar and cosplayer @CSpranklerun all dressed up in costume. I knew the Main event was going to be monumental …



 Mini-Master battles! 


 It was the shirt that caught my attention first! 


I lost the second match of Mini-Masters to a very smart lady and decided it was time to explore this thing called a Grand Prix before 4,000 people descended tomorrow. The booths were were swarmed with people trying to buy cards, sell cards, or have their favorite artist draw alters. I don’t think I have ever been in a place with so much Magic all around me at once. There were all sorts of Magical things to see so I took off into the wilds of the convention hall …


 Stopped into the Sign in Blood Lifepads booth for some shirts and new lifepads. 


 Waited in a long line of fans to have RK Post sign my playmat. 


The one and only @postrk


 They had all the sexy things.




Magic House

I had registered like a good girl, picked up my swag, and explored all the things on the site. Now it was time to head out to what would be called the Magic House. The crews from the Heavy Meta Podcast on Manadeprived.com and Brainstorm Brewery over at GatheringMagic.com decided to rent a house for their epic weekend in Las Vegas.

I received a couple invitations for high-flying parties and dinners happening throughout the city, but I knew the spot was going to be at the Magic House, watching my boys sling the Booze Cube and @Marcelmtg grill-up goodness. I wasn’t disappointed. When I arrived it was a who’s who of brilliant MTGers and personalities. I can’t put into words how amazing it was to finally get to relax, party, and meet the amazing people I had been talking to for years on social media. There were people playing Booze Cube, people playing Vintage, people testing Standard, people just having a good time.

I also learned that on Saturday night they would be hosting the Booze Cube Championship, and were even giving the champion one of the most bad-ass playmats in the history of playmats …

photo 3 (6)

 @kevyMetal displaying the awesome prize for the Booze Cube Championship


 Bunch of Cube Boozers. 


 All weekend the grill was going with morsels of deliciousness. 

photo 2 (4)

@natasha_lh wearing the best shirt ever printed.


 Little bit of Standard testing going on in party hours. 


@HeleneBergeot works hard for the money. She deserves to soak her feet after a crazy day!


 Not to be outdone by the ladies. 

The food was delicious. My cheeks hurt from laughing and my voice began to crack from all the talking. Medina had shipped me some money to grab doughnuts for the Team Legit members who were going to be on site tomorrow, and I knew the sunrise was coming. When I left around midnight, the party was still in full swing. I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning, sit down with 4,000 people and crack some packs.

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