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MTG Woodstock: Saturday

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture

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Here we go. It was six in the morning and time to rise and shine to get doughnuts for the team and get ready for Magic x4,500.

photo 5 (8)

 Popped into Ronald’s Donuts! Best in Las Vegas! 

photo 2 (10)

I honestly don’t know who the kid in the red shirt is. I have a thing for hungry strays, though, so he got adopted to our table.

Cracking Packs

I have never registered a Sealed pool before. I had no idea you needed to alphabetize it. I mark off all my cards, go to pass, and … JUDGE. It turns out the poor 8-year-old sitting next to me was in the same boat. I told him not to worry about it and we got our decks ordered the way it is supposed to be. I decided, though, that it was already twice I’d had a judge called on me and I wasn’t going to allow for a third. I decided to go explore instead and watch those who know how to fill out a Sealed list play Magic.


 I was calling it GP hat trick all weekend because of the amount of awesome hats people were wearing. 


 The lovely @JackieL33 slinging some Modern Sealed. 


 I loved this kid. So serious. 


 I only took this because I am jealous there are people in the world who get to have technicolor hair. Stupid work rules. 


 The awesome @Jonigoldmane from the Fear the Tower crew. 


Modern Masters is just really fun to watch. I had originally played with a few of the blocks featured in the set, but not all of them. Every time I see someone get Grapeshoted, I tingle all over just a little. After watching some card-slinging it was back into the wilds to see all the awesome things.


 Amazed while walking around with @JhoiraArtificer how many people had never played/seen Jhoira. 



 Chandra’s costume was fierce and amazing. 


 How could I not? 


 Which face looks more serious? 


 I got to finally meet @themanapool!


Toward the end of the afternoon my friend @crushgrooveSC said he was going to approach the TO about getting an eight-man Vintage side event to fire. He was really hoping it would be sanctioned Vintage, and I was sure excited. The TO agreed and the announcement went out. The eight-man started filling up and when it finally fired up there was a small cheer from the hall of Vintage fans!


 Eight men battling for a win-a-box in Vintage. 




These alters were sick. I can never decide between alters and foils.

Vintage firing as a side event at a GP was a huge deal to our small little community. I can’t wait for Vintage Champs to meet all my Vintage-loving friends and community members. While the Vintage slingers wielded their power, I went off in search of my two MTG crushes: @LSV and @cspranklerun. I was able to find this guy:

photo 5 (5)

I was so excited. He was just as lovely in person as I always thought he would be and if I had 20 votes for the Hall of Fame, I would cast every one for LSV. I kept hearing rumors of Emmara planeswalking around the room but I was never able to track down Spranks. I was going to bar the doors Sunday until I met her if need be! With one of main missions completed, it was time to head back to the …

Magic House

At the Booze Cube championships, @Moxreuby had a genius idea to give everyone name tags of their Ttwitter handles so we could figure out who everyone was (big ups to school teachers everywhere for always coming prepared). Hopefully no one upchucks on the cards like the previous night. The whole group was waiting for @Chosler and @MarcelMTG to return victorious from their Day 1 efforts. They arrived shortly after midnight to a thunderous applause! Before the Booze Cube Champs could get under way, though, we had to throw one up for the one and only @JayBoosh who couldn’t be with us.


@MoxReuby is the actual best. 


 I was so excited to meet all my Twitter friends. How adorable is @derfington


 This toast went in the air for the one and only @JayBoosh


 Getting ready for Booze Cube Championship matches!


 Yes, @Spelljackg is so fresh and clean. 




@slickjagger is a golden god! 


I wasn’t able to stay until the wee hours to see who finally won the fabled playmat. I had to be up early for a Vintage tourney being held in honor of all the people descending on Las Vegas before heading back to the site to track down my girl Spranks.

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