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MTG Woodstock: Sunday

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Vintage

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I got to sleep in just a few hours extra before heading to Wii Play Games for meet up with Vintage players who were visiting from all over the country. They brought tricked-out decks with sexy cards in the hopes of playing with their fellow Vintage brethren. I played my Selesyna Bear Vintage deck and was able to take down the first match against DRAGONS before heading back to the GP site to continue coverage. The guys had a great time at Wii Play Games in Las Vegas and we are so grateful for them hosting us!



In it to Vintage!


While the boys finished up at the Vintage tourney I headed back to the site to track down Spranks and finally give her a big ol’ hug she deserves for being awesome. Then I was hooking up with my ladies for a night of Ladies Draft at my favorite Irish Pub.


 @cspranklerun as Brainstorm is possibly the best thing to happen to MTG. 

photo 4 (14)

I found her! She was an absolute doll, just like I knew she would be! She told me about an incident that occured while wearing her Emmara costume. A man ran up and tried to pull her ear off, but because it is attached, he jerked her head around instead, hurting her. Just so you know, that is simple battery and a crime. Keep your hands to yourselves asshats.

Now that I had met both my MTG crushes it was time to find my ladies who were camped out at the @sunmesaglenn booth slinging cards until tit was ime for Ladies Draft. We were so blessed this weekend. Glenn provided our draft with some of the awesome sleeves his company Max Protection makes. The ladies practically mobbed me for them. I had no idea how serious people could be about good sleeves. Then the lovely @HeleneBergeot arrived at Ladies Draft with a box of Modern Masters draft sets. It was my very first draft ever.  It was such an amazing experience drafting with my Ladies.









I love these ladies. I was so grateful I finally got to meet them all. Thanks to everyone I met at GP Vegas and making it one of the best weekends of my life. See you at Vintage Champs!

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