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My Favorite Cards of All Time

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture

I would dare to say that everyone has a “favorite card.” Sometimes the card connects them to a memory, like the first time they played magic or the first mythic they opened. Other times, perhaps, it is because they just cannot stop playing the card. Or maybe it is because the player just likes it. Regardless of the reason, everyone has favorite cards.

Perhaps everyone also has a color identity. For instance, I cannot stay away from green and white cards. I play them in Standard, Modern, Legacy, and I always end up green-white in draft (play to your strengths I guess?). I tend to also splash either black or red (I’ve never really liked blue that much). This article will basically showcase my favorite cards and explain my reasoning behind why YOU should be playing with them. I have six of them and they are all awesome. So let’s get started!

6. Karador, Ghost Chieftan

This wonderful centaur-ghost has been my commander before I was born. It was simply destiny. I have been playing Karador since I heard about the commander format and I haven’t stopped. The deck really loves me and I love it! I get to sling all the sweet green, white, and black spells I have ever wanted to! (sorry red, I just really hate you in commander).

YOU should be playing this card because Karador is the best graveyard general. There is simply no other comparison. He allows you to play combos (Melira and persist dudes) and has awesome synergy with flashback spells (Sever the Bloodline, Creeping Renaissance, etc). He also has a form of Delve that is much better, basically allowing you to cast him relatively soonish in the game. You can also re-use mana dorks (Yavimaya Granger, Wood Elves, Farhaven Elf) after they have died to get that extra oomph! (If you have ever played commander you understand how vital mana is). Bottom line: This card is the best general. You need no other.

5. Knight of the Reliquary

Oh boy! There is nothing like sticking a Knight in a Legacy tournament with Wastelands and Fetchlands in your deck. I really love this guy. I have played Knight of the Reliquary in almost every format of Magic and I can tell you that he is everything you could ever want and then some. Land tutoring is a big deal, especially since you can get a fetchland, sacrifice it, and then get the land you needed. Knight can take over a game super quickly and is great at wielding weapons like Umezawa’s Jitte and Sword of Fire and Ice! (He is a Knight after all).

If that doesn’t prove my point enough, let me tell you about when I fell in love with Knight of the Reliquary. I was trying out a Modern zoo list that was main decking a full four copies of Knight. Time and time again my creatures wouldn’t survive. Then Knight would stick on turn three and the rest is history. Almost every game I managed to play a Knight I would win. The card is just way too nuts. 10/10.

4. Voice of Resurgence

I played the heck out of this card in Standard. GW aggro was the best deck of the Theros Standard in my opinion. Voice would hold that deck together. Not only does it take two removal spells to deal with the Elemental, but you also get to put other Elemental tokens in play as your opponents interact with you (take that blue decks!). Wizards just tickles my fancy with this card. I want to play him in every format, I just don’t know how.

I don’t think I need to tell you why you should be playing this card. Instead, I’m going to tell you about my personal experience with the card. I connected with this card because I moved to Nashville, TN; which is far away from my old card shop. Voice reminded me of all the friends I had back home because of how much fun we all had playing him. Voice of Resurgence will always hold a special place in my heart. If I ever win an Invitational, my token will be an elemental for Voice.

3. Fleecemane Lion

Wizards really outdid themselves with this bad boy. A 3/3 for GW that can be indestructible? Yes please. I love Fleecemane Lion. I have been playing him ever since he dropped into Standard (he will be missed post rotation). Fleecemane Lion may find a home in a Modern Zoo or aggro strategy. For the time being, he sees abundant play out of my Naya Aggro deck I wrote about last week.

YOU should be playing this card in Standard for two reasons. ONE, it handles control. TWO, it is amazing alongside Dromoka’s Command. This card used to be great in a deck with Selesnya Charm, so imagine the damage it can deal with Dromoka’s Command. I love it.

Also, Collected Company is a beast with this card, just so you know.

2. Loxodon Smiter

What is not to love about 4/4 Elephants that make hands Thoughtseize-proof? I love this card so much. It is such a battering ram in the current Modern metagame (Jund hates seeing this card with an Inquisition). If only he had trample….

I love this card mainly for the same reason I love Voice. All of my friends played this card prior to my college move. Windmill slamming a Loxodon Smiter on three against Esper Control reminded me of home in a place that was brand new to me. I love this card. It’s amazing. YOU should be playing it because it is a raging elephant that really likes to hit your opponents in the face with it’s hammer. Boom.

1. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Elesh Norn is quite possibly my favorite card in Magic: The Gathering (no, I am not Danny West). I love Elesh Norn. She is such a good card. +2+2 to my team, -2-2 to yours, and vigilance? What is not to love! Every card you cast after her is just a strict upgrade. Amazing.

YOU should be playing this card in commander. Why? Because it destroys tokens of pretty much any kind, shrinks your opponent’s biggest threats, and makes our threats huge! Such a good card. Wizards, design more cards like this and you can pretty much have all of my money.

What are your favorite cards? Leave comments on the article and let me know (I tend to respond to comments). I’d love to see the Dimir mages and the Izzet league leaving comments on a Selesnyian/Abzan/Naya guy. What can I say? I love big creatures!

I also hope that if you decide to buy any of these fantastic cards that you pick them up at your local game store. You cannot play magic at target and walmart, and you definitely won’t make memories that last forever. Be kind to your fellow magic players and above all have fun!


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