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Real. Cool. Deck. Bounty of the Sun

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Real.  Cool.  Deck.  Bounty of the Sun

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

When Wizards of the Coast made the decision to move away from publishing ten decklists per event and move to five well curated lists, as long as they were ten cards different, I was pretty upset. With all the free time I have on my hands, I often went to the MTGO site to browse the decklists and look for sweet hidden gems. Well with five lists being published instead of ten, the chances of something super sweet being in the open nosedived but sometimes WotC still gives us a really good list.

I understand the desire that WotC has of Standard not being solved, but did publishing all the Pro Tour decklists with a certain record keep it from being solved? Did red based aggro decks not tear up the scene? It seems to me that even with five well curated lists the format was still solved in time for the Pro Tour, and with Pro Tours moving back in the calendar away from the release of the set, it is only going to be more solved then. What we have now is the evolution of the format, red gave way to zombies (at least on mtgo) which gave way to something else, which will eventually lead back to red again.

Anyways since WotC made this decision I have had to lurk in other places to get decklists, or at least try to sniff out some sweet tech. Let’s take a look at places I have pointed my internet machine.

MTGSalvation. This place actually has some really good ideas from time to time. I think the God-Pharaoh’s Gift really took off from there.

Spikes Subreddit. Reddit.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. However, what you will find is a lot of really cool lists, and detailed tournament reports.

MTGTop8. A lot of smaller events, I’ve noticed a lot of the results tend to come in from Europe and the APAC.

Starcitygames. The best place for IQ results, because well, those are their events. Some really cool stuff comes from there, in addition to well-established lists.

Magic-League. Known better as the place the PVDdR got his start, there are still a few gems every so often on the site. If you can get to it that is.

Tappedout, mtggoldfish, tcgplayer, MTGOTraders and Deckstats. Community or based sites that have public deckbuilders, where I typically go for casual decks which can be turned into competitive with tuning and such.

Hareruya. Saito’s store has a plethora of events and nearly as many lists to boot.

Mtgdecks. I guess this is the new MTGPulse, but it’s another deck aggregation site.

magic-ville. A French site with decklists that are displayed in pictures, which is great, because sure as heck can’t read French.

Twitch and YouTube. The most time consuming, but I will make time to watch a couple of streamers or videos that show off cools decks each day.

That is 15 places for lists. Yeah it’s a lot of work and I get to do it because I am a bored, lonely, housebound single man. I’m sure I missed other great sites for content, but I figured if WotC was going to hid it, I would at least share with you all what I do.

The ironic part of all of this is that today’s Real. Cool. Deck. actually comes from WotC. It went 5-0 in a competitive Standard league and has two of my favorite cards in it, Approach of the Second Sun and Bounty of the Luxa. I love alternate win conditions, which Approach has, and I love one drawing cards, which Bounty does every other turn. This sweet control deck looks to soak up damage, wipe the board clean and then slowly take over the game on the back of Bounty.

It’s also unique in the fact that it is a 56 card deck in the Standard format.

I say that because Censor is actually a terrible card in the format, and should not be seeing play. In fact when I run this deck back, I am going to remove them for Haze of Pollen. At least Haze keeps you in the game and buys you time. Censor is a U-draw a card effect.

I have a lot of words on Censor, but I am going to save them for another time.

Let’s take a look at the list we played this week.

The best part of this deck in my mind is the transformational sideboard. Taking out dead cards like Censor (seriously, I took this out in every match) and some of the bullets to turn into Cat Control deck is a pretty sweet idea, and really looked outside the box while attacking the very unique metagame on the online client.

Here is the deck in action.

I ended up going 4-1 with the deck (3-0 on stream, I’m not counting the second match that my opponent conceded in before game two started) and lost to a Temur energy deck. I felt like the deck was very good against the Jeskai control I played against (and apparently the pilot of the Jeskai deck did as well), while pretty even with the red after sideboarding. The Green Black matchup was a lot of fun to play as well.

This is it for this week’s Real. Cool. Deck. I’m not sure what happens next time, but I’m hoping that it is really cool. Thanks for coming by!

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