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Really. Cool. Deck. Metalwork Colossus in Standard

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Really.  Cool.  Deck.  Metalwork Colossus in Standard

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

While the Pro Tour was dominated by super aggressive decks like Ramunap Red, the weeks after the event have showed that Standard is by no means a solved format. We’ve seen some super cool decks featuring expensive spells like Approach of the Second Sun and God-Pharaoh’s Gift breakout of the aggressive format and new decks with Eldrazi and Vampire playing a leading role. With mainstays in the format like BG Constrictor, Temur Energy and UR Control Hour of Devastation clearly gave the slumping and ban heavy Standard format a much needed shot in the arm.

The format is evolving and while there is a clear top tier of decks in it, it does not feel like it is a solved format at all. Part of that is due to bannings for sure, cards like Smuggler’s Copter, Emrakul the Promised End, Felidar Guardian and Aetherworks Marvel were all incredibly easy to break. Another part of it is this is an absurdly large Standard format. With Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon finally nearing the end of their run in the format we have eight sets to work with. I think the final bit of what is making Standard a lot better is the reintroduction of potent hate cards to the format. There were no safety valves in Standard for a very long time, and without them it made the format much easier to solve.

But Research and Development would rather have you believe that the format was easy to solve because MTGO gave out ten decks a day from league play.

Rolls eyes.

Gets back to the topic, kinda.

Recently I’ve showed off Approach of the Second Sun control because I love casting expensive sorcery spells that say you win the game. While outlining my article for today I had actually considered building different versions of Approach of the Second Sun control. Had I had the time to test, I would have done that, but I started to play World of Warcraft again, and I really wanted to get flying in Legion, and well, that took a lot more time than I thought it would! It finally happened last night, while I was up late, and I guess my body is on a different clock now because I am up late again writing this piece, while waiting for a video to upload on YouTube.

Eventually I’ll sleep, but not before I show off this sweet Metalwork Colossus deck I am playing in the format right now. It’s UB with a small splash of Green for World Breaker. Yeah I’ve seen the Grixis lists that run Kozilek’s Return, and that’s fine. However I am not made of money, and with those cards and the Spirebluff Canals, I saved myself about fifty tickets whenever I put the deck on my account. Every dime counts I reckon.

This list is not perfect. I saw it on the Hareruya site after it went 3-0 in a 36 person event. I’d love to have access to stuff like Glint-Nest Crane and Mirage Mirror. Skysovereign, Consul Flagship is also a great card that I would love to be able to cast, but I wanted to take this deck out on a test drive first, see how it did and then figure out where to go from there.

Let’s take a look at the list!

Now, let’s take a look at the deck in action.

I went 3-2 in the league, I lost to the UW Approach deck, but it feels like a better matchup than how I played it, and I lost to Ramunap Red. I think I made a minor play mistake in the second game of that match, but it more than likely did not matter, I didn’t draw any copies of Battle at the Bridge and the deck can’t turn the corner without that important spell against the red deck.

I beat a BW Eldrazi deck, Temur Energy and BW Control deck. All five matches felt really winnable, and I think I should have went 4-1 in the league but I was playing poorly and was tilted against the UW deck.

I would recommend playing this deck, with the right draws it is capable of doing awesome things, but with the wrong draws is sputters out and kinda punches itself in the face. I think that the ideal maindeck does have copies of Glint-Nest Crane in it though. Flaying Tendrils may deserve to be in the main deck as well. It’s a turn quicker than Yahenni’s Expertise and the exile part of the spell is surprising relevant against the red deck. Not being able to get creatures back with Eternalize after they die is at least making them play a little more fairly! I really enjoyed playing it, but I understand some changes have to be made if it wants to be a bit better suited in the post Pro Tour Standard format.

Next time I am going to improvise something, or I might just go back to the second sun. Who knows?

Thanks for hanging out with us here at Legitmtg.com!

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