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SCGCON Weekend Recap: Invitational Day 2

Written by Drake Sasser on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern, Standard

SCGCON Weekend Recap: Invitational Day 2

Drake Sasser

I am a competitive grinder that focuses primarily on the SCG Tour. I have a Legacy Open win and a Modern Open top 8 to my name. I am also currently on the SCGTour leaderboard.

Welcome back readers! This article is going to cover the match overview for each of the matches I played on day 2 of the Invitational at SCGCCON. If you have not yet read the day 1 tournament report, I go over the decklists I played at this event as well as the matches overviews from day 1. You can read the day 1 recap here.

I finished day 1 with a record of 6-2. I went 3-1 in Modern playing Bogles and 3-1 in Standard playing Mono Red Aggro. Day 2 of the Invitational is once again Modern/Standard split format beginning on Modern. Everybody with a 5-3 record or better made day 2 and day 2 had 127 people total in it. This meant if I was going to cash the event, I had to at least go 4-4 on the day. With that, let’s dive in!

Invitational Day 2

Round 9: Jeskai Control (Modern) W

My first round of day 2 I sit down against a fairly well known player who traditionally plays control. I win the die roll and have Leyline of Sanctity and Bogle on the play. The control deck can never really get anything going and I win game 1 pretty easily. Game 2 I have a creature heavy draw so the clock is slow but I am resilient to hate. Instead the slow clock gives my opponent time to drown me in card advantage with Search for Azcanta and Teferi and I end up losing rather quickly after that. Game 3 I keep a reasonable hand with Bogle and a bunch of 1 mana enchantments that is soft to sweepers. Fortunately my opponent misses their 3rd land drop and dies pretty quickly.

Round 10: UW Control (Modern) L

I win the die roll and lead off on the namesake Bogle. My opponent finds multiple Detention Spheres to hit key enchantments and buy time, then I get Supreme Verdict’d and my opponent finishes me off with a Gideon of the Trials. Game 2 I cast a turn 2 Kor Spiritdancer that never dies and ends up drawing a ton of cards and beating down. Game 3 has an odd sequence of turns where I attack with my Gaddock Teeg and Bogle, then my opponent casts Blessed Alliance to make me sacrifice a creature. I elect to sacrifice the Bogle since Teeg is staving off planeswalkers, Cryptics, and Wrath effects. I then load up both the Teeg and a token from Cartouche of Solidarity with a distribution of enchantments, spreading them out to avoid getting blown out by a single Detention Sphere or Path to Exile. However my opponent ends up casting Timely Reinforcements which blocks the creature without Spirit Mantle on it for a long time. This buys my opponent enough time to find removal for both creatures and stabilize. In hindsight, if I had simply loaded up only one of the creatures I would have won, but I am still unsure if it was correct to do so.

Round 11: Hollow One (Modern) W

I lose the die roll and my opponent doesn’t wreck my hand with the Burning Inquiry they cast. I get to play a turn 1 Bogle and suit it up with a Daybreak Coronet on turn 3 at which point my opponent concedes the game. Game 2 my opponent leads on Flameblade Adept into turn 2 Burning Inquiry, which draws me into some insane cards, vastly improving my hand quality. An unchecked Kor Spiritdancer runs away with this game.

Round 12: Hollow One (Modern) L

This is probably one of the most interesting matches I played with Bogles and I am rather sad that I was not the camera match, despite being in the feature match area this round. I played against Legacy Death and Taxes specialist Michael Dersczo. Game 1 is an extremely close race after winning the die roll then getting unlucky off of a Burning Inquiry cast early in the game. In the final turns of the game, I cast a second Kor Spiritdancer since I only have 1 enchantment left in my hand and I need to deploy blockers to hope to have a chance of surviving to the next turn since I haven’t drawn a Daybreak Coronet yet. I cast the last enchantment in my hand and end up drawing 2 Daybreak Coronets off of them and die on my opponent’s next turn with them in my hand. In hindsight, if I had known I was dead on the next turn anyways, I could have just played the enchantment without the second Spiritdancer hoping to spike exactly Coronet to try and stabilize. Game 2 I get stuck on 1 land for a while but do have a lot of 1 mana enchantments to cast. Just as my opponent starts to go wide and threatens lethal, I spike the second land for the Daybreak Coronet in my hand and end up rallying back for the win. Game 3 We get into an interesting board stall where I have a fair amount of creatures with enchantments on them and Derszo has build his board to go wide. Thinking I was in a good spot and beginning to stabilize, I make what I thought to be a conservative attack to start pressuring. However, next turn my opponent casts the fourth Burning Inquiry of that game, discards 2 Flamewake Phoenix, gets them and 2 hasty Bloodghasts back, and kills me on the back swing. Overall a frustrating loss but the match was definitely very challenging to navigate from both sides and my mistakes cost me dearly.

Round 13: UW Control (Standard) W

This round I am playing against my same opponent from Round 11. I didn’t actually know this was possible and thought it was a mistake at first. I lose the die roll and also lose a rather uninteresting game 1 to flooding and drawing 2 dead Abrades. Game 2, I make an attack on turn 4 with all 3 of my creatures to incentivize my opponent to Settle the Wreckage me. This works and I get to land Chandra, Torch of Defiance post combat which ends up running away with this game. Game 3 goes similarly, but my opponent has a lot more spot removal and never really taps out. I end up with 2 Chandras; the first gets countered but the second resolves and runs away with the game.

Round 14: RB Aggro (Standard) W

This round I am playing against a good friend of mine and I need to win all three of these last 3 matches to top 16. I win game 1 handily with a solid curve out, despite trying for the second time to attack with a Hazoret the Fervent with 2 cards in hand. Reading is hard man. Game 2 I drew completely absurd again. My hand keep was: 2 Mountain, Abrade, Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Hazoret the Fervent, and Glorybringer on the draw. I draw a Soul-Scar Mage to play on turn 1 into running lands to cast all of my spells on time and a second Glorybringer to cast on turn 6. Very skillful Magic was played this round.

Round 15: UW Control (Standard) L

This round I am once again playing against a friend of mine, but at this point the tournament fatigue is definitely beginning to take its toll and this likely costs me the match. Game 1 goes like the many other game 1’s I played against UW this tournament: I have a ton of dead cards game 1 and drawing them is essentially mulliganing in this matchup. I end up losing despite getting my opponent to 1 life, which definitely left me wondering if I missed a point of damage somewhere. Game 2 I have a Chandra and 2 Glorybringers that finish off my opponent after the dust of the early game settles. Game 3 feels like I let it slip. There is a turn in which I use Chandra’s -3 ability and an exert off of Glorybringer with a Soul-Scar Mage to take out a Lyra Dawnbringer. My opponent plays a History of Benalia on the next turn, which pressures the Chandra, and then kills Glorybringer. I definitely feel that if I had not exerted the Glorybringer I would have won this game, since the Lyra could only attack for 1 and my Chandra went to 2 after the -3.

Round 16: UW Approach (Standard) L

This is the final match of the tournament, and, looking at standings, appears to be a match playing for top 32 while the loser gets top 64. Essentially this particular match has $500 riding on it. Once again this game 1 has the same old story as the rest where I get my opponent to 2 before they stabilize while I continue to draw bad cards that need to get out of the deck. Game 2 my opponent missed their 4th land drop and got run over by Chandra and friends.

Game 3 is an incredibly close game where I discard my last card in hand, a Glorybringer, to draw 4 cards off of a Bomat Courier in response to a Settle the Wreckage. The 4 cards are 3 Mountains and a Soul-Scar Mage. I still have a Chandra ticking up towards ultimate however and feel decent about my position. I elect not to play the Soul-Scar Mage the following turn after drawing a land and ticking Chandra up to 6 revealing a land. I decide instead that with my opponent at 9, that it is better to hold it as a spell to cast under the Chandra emblem. My opponent cast an Approach earlier in the game and is drawing to it rapidly so I will only have a single turn after Chandra ultimates to kill him. I end up drawing another Soul-Scar Mage the turn Chandra ticks up to 7 and I choose to hold both of them for the emblem. On the last possible turn for my opponent to do so, they find a Blink of an Eye to bounce my Chandra about to ultimate. I untap with my opponent at 7 after taking 2 previously from the Chandra activation. I play Chandra and tick her up revealing Ahn-Crop Crasher. I also drew a Lightning Strike for turn. This gives me 6 points of damage when my opponent is at 7 and they get to untap and cast the game winning Approach of the Second Sun. If I had cast the first Soul-Scar Mage I likely would have won the game but instead ended up being a point short because I was relying on the emblem to win the game.

Final record: 10-6 good enough for 36th place.


That finish was basically exactly what I needed going into the weekend and, with the 8 points gained from it, I think there is a high probability I finished high enough on the leaderboard to get a bye at the Atlanta Open at the end of this month! After the Invitational we ate some fantastic burgers, and I was forced to decide between the Pauper Classic and Legacy Classic to play on Sunday. I decide to play Legacy since it is the best format in Magic and I have the most experience playing it. Shoutout to my friends for talking me out of playing a lesser-but-also-pretty-sweet Pauper format.

Thanks for reading! If you have anything you would like to add to the discussion, any questions for me, or just general comments on this article feel free to message in the comments below and I would love to discuss. Until next time!

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