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SolForge: Beta Guide

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, SolForge


SolForge fever has been sweeping the MTG Nation and the day we have all been waiting for is here. BETA is live! When the Demo was first released, I had many friends without access to an iPad who were still eager to learn. So I decided to show them the Demo in articles (here and here) and also streaming here. There are some basic strategies and introductions to cards and mechanics in the articles. You should have ample opportunity to learn from my mistakes. As the SolForge Beta comes online [Editor’s note: PC access was delayed until next week.], feel free to tweet me or leave comments with your questions.

The Basics


solforge2-logoAt the beginning of each turn you will draw five cards from your deck. You can play two cards (unless you are the opener, then you only play one card) each turn. To cast, click on a card and drag it into a lane of your choosing. There is no casting cost to play cards. At the end of each turn all the unplayed cards in your hand will be discarded and you will be dealt five new cards.

solforge2-logoCards have three different levels. At the beginning of the game, all cards will be level one. When you cast the card it rotates back into your deck as a level two. The level one version of the card you just played is basically removed from the deck and replaced with a level two version. If you do not cast a card, it will stay at its current level.Sketch 2013-03-08 20_20_11


solforge2-logoThe battlefield is simply called “the field” in SolForge. The field is made up of five lanes. You deploy your creature into a lane of your choosing. The lane you choose matters because creatures may only battle another creature in the lane directly opposite from them. If you deploy your creature into a lane that does not have a creature, it will battle the player. You may hit the “battle” button before or after you play your cards, but you must battle every turn.

(Magic players: We all know when/which creature you cast is important but pay special attention to WHERE you cast your creatures. The main aspects of this game you can gain advantage of/control are deck design, which creatures you choose to level and at what time, and which lanes you cast your creatures in.)

Card Types:

solforge2-logoCreatures: You attack and defend yourself with creatures. They have an attack value attack that determines how much damage it deals. This amount usually changes as the card levels up. All creatures also have a health value health that determines how much damage it can take.


Spells: Are targeted at the field or at the player. Spells have an immediate effect on the target and then are discarded back into the deck, leveling up once. Spells may target Structures, Creatures, or the Player (or all three) depending on the ability of the spell.


Structures: Are forts, circles of power and buildings which are cast into a lane. You may have oneFangwoodfield structure in each lane. One creature can occupy a lane already occupied by a structure. Structures were not available in the Demo. If you are just starting SolForge during Beta release, you will be on equal footing with other players.

The Factions of SolForge


Location: Brightsteel

Philosophy: Magic, Metal, Machines. They have been sent back from the future to destroy John Connor.


If you pick the Alloyin faction, this is what you will be starting with:

photo 2 (2)


Location: Necropolis

Philosophy: Death Magic. Braaaiiinnnssss.


If you pick the Nekrium faction, this is what you will be starting with:

photo 1 (2)


Location: Neutral Grounds

Philosophy: Magic based on the elements.


If you pick the Tempys faction, this is what you will be starting with:

photo 2 (3)


Location: Bounty Below

Philosophy: Reverence for nature; lovers of animals and fey.


If you pick the Uterra faction, this is what you will be starting with:

photo 3 (2)




This is the main site, with basic information about the game. This site (as far as information goes) has a long ways to go.  The information on the background of each faction is choppy and short. There is no card database yet. The game is just beginning Beta so I am sure more information will start pouring in shortly.


This site is fantastic. It has a complete core set list with abilities and pictures for each card. It also hosts a Solforge Wiki which gets updated regularly. During demo season, they also hosted text-based games in their forums and have deck strategy information for those looking for an early jump on the competition.


This site has great deck builder content as well as the super awesome and useful Deck Builder Tool. I have played around with the tool for hours trying to figure out what I want to sharpen for Beta release.

My Deck

The two factions I liked the best during demo season were Alloyin (all the leveling abilities like Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle) and Uterra (all the buffs and fatties). I have always loved late-game fatties. The purpose of my deck (I hope) is to level up all the things, buff my creatures, have my robot army buff itself and assimilate the world. With both Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle, I should gain card advantage for some late-game fatties. It is important when playing Synapsis to make sure she survives long enough to activate, which is why I included three Sonic Pulse. Electronet might give Synapsis a better chance to survive in this slot — that will require some experimentation — but I like that Sonic Pulse affects every creature the opponent controls. I am not sure how this deck will fare against the fire and brimstone of a Tempys-based deck, but my hope is to maintain, outlevel, buff and send my robot army to overwhelm their weak and puny flesh.


Brightsteel Sentinel x3
Iconic Warcharger x3
Munitions Drone x3
Technosmith  x3
Synapsis Oracle x3
Scrapforge Titan x3

Tech Upgrade x3
Sonic Pulse x3
Ferocious Roar x3

I hope everyone has a great day exploring and learning the SolForge Beta. Look me up if you want to battle. I’ll be RevisedAngel.

@RevisedAngel on Twitter

Heather Dawn Meek on Facebook

RevisedAngel on Tumblr

RevisedAngel on G+

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