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SolForge: It gets Grim

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, SolForge

We had a minor mishap last week when my laptop decided it needed a “moment.” I gave it some love, hugged it a lot, laundered it, dried it clean and re-energized it. Unfortunately, when you give a laptop a bubble bath, it loses all the information you had stored on it. While we can’t continue our original game we were playing, I decided to foray into the crazy world of streaming to bring you the SolForge demo live and in color.

There is no telling what will happen when you let an Angel stream SolForge. Let’s just hope she doesn’t embarrass herself more then usual.


We are going to be playing two rounds of the Tempys/Alloy faction deck since we were covering that one before my laptop went on digital vacation. This is my first attempt at streaming so we will work to make it better as we go. For instance, I had no idea the game’s music was so loud on the stream. You can still hear me talk, but I will lower the background music in the next episode. I will also try to figure out the camera shot option so I’m not just a disembodied redneck voice talking at you.

Watch live video from revisedangel on TwitchTV

Game One

Here are some quick thoughts and lessons from game one:


  • Opening: level them up. You are going to use your first four opening hands to level up the guys you need to bring the pain in the late game. As you saw, our opponent has Fleshfiend (which is a one-for-two at level 2) so you need to keep pace with that card advantage. I would always try to cast these four cards, if you draw them, in your first four turns:


  • Kill the Grim. You might think that playing the 10/10 dragon vs. the Grim was overkill but as you saw the Grim can get out of hand quickly. You should always go big vs. the Grim. You don’t know if he has a buff or cull (either of which will be bad for you) to make the Grim explode. The AI will often not protect or buff the Grim like it should. When you play vs. a human they will make you pay for not taking their Grim seriously.
  • Misplay: the Grim. Part of the strategy when playing the Grim sometimes needs to be taking damage and not killing or blocking one of his creatures so the Grim doesn’t get buffed. I played my 10/10 Giant vs. the Grim who only had 9 health. Assuming I got lucky and he didn’t draw a Cull or Enrage, my Giant would have killed it on his turn. I wasn’t playing tight, though, and cast my 4/4 Sentry vs. his Fleshfiend and killed it. This buffed the Grim, leaving my Giant unable to kill it in one turn. I didn’t lose complete control of the situation but I should have played that better.
  • Misplay: the Giant. The greatest benefit of the level 3 Giant is not just his huge 15/15 stature, but sending 8 damage to our opponent’s face at the beginning of every turn. I played the 15/15 Giant vs. his Huntress (which could deal 15 damage and kill my Giant) and sent my 15/15 Forgeplate Sentry vs. his 6/1 Echowisp. I should have traded my Sentry with his Huntress and kept my Giant alive to keep sending damage to the life total.

Game Two


  • Opening: make good choices. After just talking about how important it is to level cards with Technosmith, we go completely off the rails and just make bad choices. He opens with a strong hand (Deepbranch and Grim) which we take care of immediately  After we kill the Grim and Deepbranch, I make a misplay that probably helps lose us the game (along with a “WTF was she thinking” move that we will cover in a minute). I should have cast the Technosmith and leveled up the Scout Drone. Instead, I cast the Scout Drone. Both are 2/2 and neither were going to kill the creature I cast them against. Playing two cards is always better than one, but I chose to play one. Don’t be like me. Say no to drugs.
  • Meltdown: Grim. I didn’t just misplay that second Grim. I went on a mental vacation. If I am being honest, besides the obvious misplay of trying to chump block a Grim, I am not sure what the “ideal” move would have been  against the grim starting from 33:o2. The Grim kills my Forgeplate Sentry and is now 9/1. I break from reality and try to chump block, which pumps it up to 12/10. He buffs (jerk) the Grim with Enrage and it ends up coming back to me at 23/12. OUT OF HAND. I’m not sure if I should have played my Dragon over my Sentry as my opening vs. the Grim or what the best move was there.
  • I lose: I lost that game for two main reasons. First, you can’t make mistakes when playing against a Grim. Second, I didn’t set myself up for success in the opening four hands. That game should have been mine.

Thanks for stopping by. Next week, I will try to bring you the opposing faction deck and maybe get a two player game so you can see how strategy changes when not playing against the AI.

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