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Spotlight On: Wolfir Silverheart

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic

At Pro Tour Avacyn Restored, Wolfir Silverheart was undoubtedly the breakout card of the tournament. Making Invisible Stalkers and Geist of Saint Traft into ridiculously large threats was what propelled Jon Finkel and the Bant Hexproof deck into the top eight, along with great finishes by other members of Team SCGBlack. Many people have been asking if the Silverheart will have similar success in Standard, despite the formidable presence of cards like Vapor Snag. I asked fellow LegitMTG writer Josh Harris, and Pro Tour regular Christian Calcano, what they thought:

Christian Calcano: “I think so, but not as a four-of like we saw in all the block decks. There are way more answers to it in Standard (Doom Blade, Go for the Throat, Vapor Snag, Mana Leak etc.), but it’s still very powerful. I can see it as a one or two of in some Bant and Naya builds.”

Josh Harris: “I do actually, in certain decks. Chapin proposed using it in a Standard version of the Bant Hexproof deck, but I’m not entirely sold on it being in that slot. Since most of your threats can’t be targeted, there’s a good chance that it just gets bounced since your opponent will be holding onto his Vapor Snags. On the other hand maybe that makes it a good “gotcha” sideboard card. I think a deck like Naya could use something like that (think Kibler’s Cloudshift deck running Silverheart over Zealous Conscripts). You have so many threats, that the chances of them Vapor Snagging drops, since there’s a good chance they will have already used it by the time you play the Silverheart. On top of that it provides a late-game boost to your mana-dorks, which is very relevant in a deck like that.”

It appears that both Josh and Christian agree that it will be a player in Standard, and I can’t help but agree as well. Despite having much more removal in Standard, the mere thought of bonding Silverheart with an Invisible Stalker or Geist of Saint Traft is scary. Delver players aren’t always going to have the Vapor Snag, and black decks aren’t always going to have the Doom Blade or Go for the Throat. Even if they do, the sheer power is too great to pass up in the five slot, especially in the Birthing Pod archetype. If you really want to get tricky, you can flash in a 6/5 Snapcaster Mage, or a 7/7 Wolfir Avenger! Talk about a blowout!

The other major topic I’ve seen regarding our big bad wolf was it’s monetary value. It was around a couple of dollars a few days before Pro Tour Avacyn Restored. The Sunday of that Pro Tour, they went up around six to eight dollars, depending on where you go. They then spiked further, reaching as high as fifteen bucks! They’ve since settled around six to ten dollars. I’m no Medina, but I feel that it’s very deserving of it’s price tag, despite being in an intro pack. With that said, I definitely don’t think it will be another Umezawa’s Jitte scenario.

The opportunities for this card are through the roof, and I can only see it getting better for it. I will definitely be giving this a legitimate shot at events!

What do you guys think? Can Wolfir Silverheart be a contender in Standard, or will he flop? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Twitter: @Aulowry

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