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Striking it Rich in Standard

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Striking it Rich in Standard

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Last time I was here I made a throwaway comment about Revel in Riches. Basically I said I am sure that there is a deck for the card, but I’m not the person to find the deck that it goes around.

With heartfelt sincerity, I would like to retract that statement.

I am the one to find that deck, and today, that’s what we’re going to do! Let’s take a look at the card in question though, just to see what it does, and why I am drawn to this card like a moth to flame.

It’s a five mana enchantment that has no immediate impact on the board, but given a few turns, this same card will win the game for us.

You only get treasure tokens whenever a creature your opponent controls dies, but with the super high cost we wouldn’t be able to just cast this, pass the turn and then sweep the turn. We’re probably dead by then. We don’t get to live that kind of luxury. Also the mass removal in black is really weak right now. Flaying Tendrils rotated out and while stuff like Hazardous Conditions exist, it’s green as well, and I do not think that green is where we want to be at in this build. Rags // Riches is around, but costs like one million mana, so it may not be the best option either, even if the Riches side of the card is attractive.

The best place to start of course would be the Ixalan spoiler, and with that in mind, the first thing to do would be to search for cards that produce Treasure tokens. It would help out a ton right? Checking the spoiler there appear to be 18 cards that produce treasure tokens. They are mainly in Black and blue, with some appearing in Red and Green. White gets to stay away from the treasure hunt, which is fine I reckon. We have a small number of cards to work with, here they are, in all the treasure producing glory:

Three of the cards are in red, and one of them is in green. Those cards are right out. Sure Vraska, Relic Seeker looks fun, but it also costs six mana, and that’s a lot! [card]Captain Lannery Storm, Trove of Temptation and Wily Goblin are okay I guess, but I don’t really want to be attacking with this deck, I feel like control is the way to go here. That leaves us with 13 cards that produce treasure tokens, and Revel in Riches is an auto include of course.

What we have after seems to be like a lot of trash. Pirate’s Prize is playable, but it looks really bad when you put it next to Glimmer of Genius of Hieroglyphic Illumination because it can only be played as a sorcery. Prosperous Pirates of a 5 mana do nothing. Sailor of Means is a three drop with a big butt. Dire Fleet Hoarder only creates upon death. Ruthless Knave depends on other creatures to make tokens. Wanted Scoundrels gives the dang tokens to your opponent. Deadeye Plunderers create tokens for mana spent, which seems fine, but this is a 5 mana 3/3. Prying Blade has to connect with an opponent and you have to have creatures. Speaking of relying on creatures, Heartless Pillage has a Raid trigger. Discarding is fine and all, but having to attack to get the tokens does not seem like a thing we’ll be doing often.

Those nine cards I feel are pretty much out of the deck. They are not good Magic cards. We’ve dismissed these nine, the three red ones and the green creator, which leaves us with five cards that produce treasure tokens. Let’s take a look at those five and see if we might need to make a concession to something like Pirate’s Prize.

Spell Swindle: A five casting cost counterspell is really nothing to write home about unless it requires the pitching of cards from your hand. This card is not pitching cards to counter stuff, but it is Mana Draining the opponent in a sense, as you get tokens equal to the casting cost of the spell countered. You can get 6 for countering a gearhulk, or X for countering an X spell. If you target Carnage Tyrant they still get a giant dinosaur, but you six tokens, which hopefully is enough to help you win the game before your opponent goes Jurassic on you. I believe that this is one of the stronger spells we can have in the deck, and it will get played. Is it a four of though? No probably not. Five mana is a lot of mana for counter magic.

Contract Killing: Five mana sorcery that kills a creature and gives you two tokens. Along the same lines of Spell Swindle, in that if I have a playset in my deck I am probably doing this incorrectly.

Depths of Desire: Three mana instant that produces one token. Bounces a creature, again not a four of.

Revel in Riches: This is the way we win, and I believe that is for sure a four of. Each copy will trigger whenever a critter dies so you’re getting a token for each copy. That seems good. It’s just awfully weird to build a deck around a black enchantment that is not Necropotence, Yawgmoth’s Bargain, Demonic Pact or Contamination.

Treasure Map: This is the best treasure token producing card in the set! You scry three times, flip it, get a land that sacrifices tokens to draw cards and three tokens. This is an easy four of, and sadly probably the best card to pair with Revel in Riches.

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

3 Treasure Maps and 3 Revel in Riches is not the best way to start, and maybe a sure sign that I should give up, but I’m a thousand words in to this article, there is no stopping now as this is clearly bat country.

I have pretty much decided that the best shell for Revel is going to be a UB control deck. That is where I am going with this deck, and while this is a rough draft, the previous two sets gave us a lot of really good spells with which to work. We get access to some of the best removal, the best card draw, and the best counters. Let’s take a look at the very rough draft I have so far.

Most of this was picking out cards that I felt would fit to replace rotating cards. Walk the Plank is a weird one, but thankfully the Merfolk of Ixalan are on the weaker side, so its drawback shouldn’t come up often. I added a cycling Desert because with Treasure Map we have a ton of lands and having a cycling one might help a bit. Crypt of the Eternals is another inclusion, mainly for the life gain, and Submerged Boneyard is just another two color land that we can play with.

I am sure that the numbers in this deck are wrong, but this is going to be my starting point for Revel in Riches. Hopefully I will not blow to many tickets in my quest to swim through coins like I’m Scrooge McDuck!

What do you think of Revel? Does it need a few more token makers to work, am I close to the right way? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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