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Modern Cube Cometh: White!

Written by Anthony Avitollo on . Posted in Casual Magic, Cube, Modern

Modern Cube Cometh:  White!

Welcome back to my Modern Cube construction project! It’s been a while since the introduction, so I’ll recap our parameters. The Cube will start as 450 cards, to allow for 8-man drafts with some variation as well as some more space to support more archetypes. It is going to start at 60 cards per color, […]

The Deck Tease #46 – TSGeezus

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The Deck Tease #46 – TSGeezus

Tristan Shaun Gregson stops by The Deck Tease to talk about his thoughts on the current state of the Magic community and whether or not there is a place for him in it, Cube drafting, and Magic finance.