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Thirst for Knowledge: Biting Scotty’s Style!

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Yes it is indeed Tuesday. You’re not reading the same article that was posted yesterday here on Legitmtg.com. While I may be covering a Blue White aggressive deck today, it’s much different than the list that Mr Scotty Mac presented yesterday. Tom Ross’s version was more focused on the solid white creatures in the Standard format. My version of the Blue White aggro deck is much more focused on the solid blue creatures of the Standard format.

Well it’s not my version, the internet and players before me laid claim to Blue White Devotion when Born was released. Let’s just go with this; the deck was once thought of as the natural progression of Sam Black’s Mono Blue Devotion, caught on for a little bit, and then rapidly fell out of favor.

Journey into Nyx added something that I am really excited to try out to the Blue Devotion deck. Hypnotic Siren is at its base a Flying Men. What makes it better than Flying Men is that bit of Bestow text. For the low low price (some of that is sarcasm.) of 5UU you turn Hypnotic Siren into a split secondless version of Take Possession. What you trade for Split Second is granting the creature flying which is pretty nifty. Being able to take their Archangel of Thune and punch through in the sky is pretty outstanding, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I truly believe that unless you got the nut draw (Nightveil Specter, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx enough colored mana symbols to ramp, etc.) bestowing Hypnotic Siren is a bit of a win more card.

Why would I say that? Well, honestly, if the game is going on long enough to get to turn seven, then you’ve either already won and are winning more, or you are very behind in the game. Just think, if that Siren was cast on turn one, then chances out it has dealt a few points of damage here and there. It’s helping you win the game, but it may be best as a one mana 1/1.

If I think that way about Siren, than why am I not running Judge’s Familiar or Galerider Sliver? I’m not running Familiar because while the ability to counter a spell is nice, it did not happen enough to warrant its inclusion. People played around it, and it may have slowed them down a turn, but the one damage was not worth slowing them down a turn. I’m not playing Sliver because there may be a corner case where I play against a sliver deck. Okay, that is not the reason, honestly I’m not going to freely give my opponent’s Mutavault flying! Looking at the one drops in blue we have these three as the best, and while some will opt for Familiar, I’m going with Siren because the possibility of a Nyx fueled blowout happening is real, and I love stealing creatures!

With that dissertation of Hypnotic Siren out of the way, it was time to look for a decklist that I wanted to play. It had to meet the blue devotion requirement, and it had to play the two best one drops in my mind. Cloudfin Raptor is a great bird, and couples well with the rest of the deck. I scoured lists on mtgo.com until I came up with this list, from KillDozer and Travka!

Before you look at me stupidly, I apparently only had a main deck requirement. This sideboard. Well, it’s 15 cards. There are nine one ofs in the board. It made for a few interesting sideboarding decisions, but on the other hand, having so many bullets allowed me to be diverse in making my sideboard choices for the matches that I played.

I am going to share my stream now, but I wanted to give you a few warnings. First of all, as of 7pm est, Monday the 26th of May I have had 4 hours of sleep since the 24th. Not sure why, not sure if I really care, I do not think it hurt my play any at all, as I felt like I was in most of games, and was not making glaringly poor decisions with my play. I just have a really bad accent while I am tired, and am more likely to slip into the occasional bit of colorful language. Also please excuse my poor attempt at dancing while I (it’s more like a head bob than anything.) streamed. Music is pretty powerful to me, and I’ll catch myself moving or swaying while I am listening in pretty much every situation.

So you’ve been warned, clicking this stream link will take you to a magical land, one that we like to call Kentucky, where sleepy guys have an accent, dance poorly and listen to music that drops the f bomb on the reg. They also play Magic!

Watch live video from JoshuaClaytor on TwitchTV

We played six matches, and went 2-4 with the deck. We defeated a red devotion deck and a green white aggro deck. I’m really pleased with how I turned around the match against the GW Deck. I was at one for the longest time, and needed to play as close to perfectly as I could and hope that my opponent drew bricks. Each attack step took a bit of thought, because I had so many things to worry about. Does he have Selesnya Charm? If he draws it next turn, how will I survive, what will I need to leave back to make sure that I do not lose my last life point? It was a tight game in my mind.

We lost to Pack Rat twice, once with against a Mono Black Devotion deck, and the second time against Green Black Devotion. Exciting stuff I know, but with only the four Detention Spheres and 1 Rapid Hybridization in the deck, an unanswered Pack Rat ends the game quickly. We also lost to Junk Midrange, which did not feel like it was that bad of a matchup, as I saw while playing the deck, it mulligans a lot, and Mutavault becomes a card that makes a great hand look less than stellar. The final deck that we lost to was Blue White control. The games went long, I drew very few guys, and massive Sphinx’s Revelation took away any damage that I had done while refilling the opponent’s hand with high octane gas.

The main deck felt really close to being correct. I honestly wanted to make room for three more cards, but I have no idea how to do that. Banishing Light would give us more removal, and Hall of Triumph is something I would like a second copy of. It really played great! My only concern with the deck is really with the sideboard. I like my boards to be a little more streamlined than what we had here. Pithing Needle and Jace, Memory Adept held their own weight, but I’d put more work in on the sideboard before I play the deck again.

I know that Mr Scotty Mac and Jason are getting ready for Grand Prix Boston which is Modern, I’m not going but I reckon I can help them out if they want some unsolicited advice as to what to play in the event. Next time we’ll be taking a look at my most favorite Modern deck, but I’ll warn you, it’s a little fishy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Joshua Claytor

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