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Thirst for Knowledge: Busted LD

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Thirst for Knowledge:  Busted LD

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

While everyone was watching Pro Tour: Oath of the Gatewatch and panicking about Modern being broken beyond repair because of “rotation” and Eldrazi, and whatever other reasons could break Modern, I was just sitting here, hanging out with my son, playing video games with him and trying to keep an eye on what was going on with the best format Magic has to offer.

Yeah the Sol Lands gave me some pause, but really Modern still allows turn two Griselbrands to end the game. Yeah the nut draw for Eldrazi reminds me of a days when Frogmites and Myr Enforcers were spewing forth from opponents hands, but Infect still has the potential to kill on turn three. Burn, unchecked can win on turn four, so the speed of things are not really an issue for me. Ever since Blazing Shoal was banned in the format, it’s been fast. You can argue that that is because there are no “true” control decks, but the MTGO PTQ had UW in the finals and I believe a Jeskai control in the top eight. Control is there, and it’s a playable option.

Are cards going to get banned in Modern? Yeah, probably. I can see Eye of Ugin going before Eldrazi Temple, because the tutoring ability on top of the mana reduction makes the card just a touch more important. I personally would rather see cards come off the banned list rather then add more, but really, if Stoneforge Mystic can’t come off the list, what can? I would like to see Sword of the Meek, (which probably makes aggro unplayable, but would give control a much needed tool.) Bloodbraid Elf (which would take some of the sting out of Sword of the Meek coming to the format.) and Dread Return (which I do believe makes me a degenerate) get taken off the list.

But Modern is what it is right now, and while the sky is not falling, it’s not exactly a thrilling place to be in the eyes of other players.

Now me? I love this!

So everyone is paying attention to Kozilek, Ulamog and the rest of the noodle crew, and I am just taking extra turns or blowing up lands. Am I having great success? It really depends on how you define success. If you just look at it as winning a lot, then no, I guess not. If you think of success in being able to freeroll leagues, then yeah I guess I am. I guess a better question is, am I having fun? That I can answer with a resounding yes. While everyone is casting Endless One, I’m casting Dead // Gone. For every Eldrazi Mimic, there is a Boom // Bust. Of course it helps if you have a top eight list to look at.

While the Pro Tour was going on, there were other events happening as well. Starcity held their regionals and magiccardmarket was holding one of their events as well. I had no idea that MCM ran events, so when a friend retweeted their top eight Modern lists I was surprised!

I looked at the lists and saw Ad Nauseam, Zoo, Affinity, Scapeshift, Merfolk, Abzan. There was also a pretty cool Splinter Twin deck with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker taking the place of the banned enchantment. The final deck of the top eight is what I will be showcasing today.

In his deck tech article, Andreas mentioned that Magus of the Tabernacle is what he wanted to play, but due to card availability, he played Magus of the Moat. It’s funny now, with the Eldrazi menace, that Magus of the Moat might be the better card to have.

As I have written about before my love for land destruction you all will know the crush I have on Boom // Bust is pretty big.  Goblin Dark-Dwellers really shines here in the deck, as not only can you Boom on turn two, you can cast the Bust side with it with the Goblin. Reusing Stone Rain and Molten Rain is also outstanding!

I like the taxing effect that we have in the deck as well. Ghostly Prison fits right in with Land Destruction, but Windborn Muse had not been a card I considered in my own builds of the deck. The flier gives you a nice bit of evasive damage, and are additional copies of a taxing ability. Dead // Gone is also another card I had not considered, but it’s fairly great as well. Kill a creature or bounce one after your land destruction has wrecked their ability to play spells? It’s a very nice option to have!

The weirdest thing to me about the deck is the copy of Sea Gate Wreckage. You would think that your hand would never be empty, but it is enough time to actually get good work from the card!

I do have the deck in action so let’s take a look at that!

Round one

Round two

Round three

Round four

Round five

So we went 2-3 with the deck. Some of that can be attributed to me playing it cold. The Eldrazi matchup did not feel as good as I wanted it to, and Pyroclasm felt kind weak. I for sure think that there is potential in the deck, but some numbers need to be adjusted in order to take Eldrazi into account.

Next week I will be back with another look at Turns, as well, taking all the turns sure is a lot of fun!

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