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Thirst for Knowledge: Sound the Alarms

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

I’ve been pushing Mono Blue Tron a lot recently. Well, not here, but on PureMTGO.com. You know the other site that I manage. I was getting ready for a PTQ here in Kentucky in August, and decided that I was going to play as long as I felt good enough to travel. I miss the friends, I miss shuffling, I miss a lot of things, but after securing the deck from Nate and the rest of the crew here at Legitmtg.com, I checked the date of the qualifier.

It’s a weekend that I have my son.

While for some it would be easy to scoop him up and take him with them to the event, but I just felt like that was a selfish plan. You may not agree, and that’s fine, but I get to spend a limited amount of time with him during my weekends, and I did not want to drive him up there, bore him while he waited for me to finish each round, and then cram my time with him in between rounds.

I would very much like to make memories, and to me that seems like the wrong kind of memory being made. Pro Tour Qualifiers make for a long day, and I’d rather just stay at home, fighting bad guys on video games, watching movies, and eating pizza with my boy.

Of course, I want someone to actually play the deck, since I went through all the trouble of picking it up, so if you are in the Hardin County Kentucky area, want to play in a Modern PTQ and are fine with playing a neat Tron deck, let me know, I’m sure I’ll be able to loan it out!

With that out of the way I was browsing decklists on mtgo-stats.com recently. I was looking for a Merfolk list for Modern, since the one I had was not one I was happy with anymore, and I always make sure to browse the unclassified deck section of the site to see if there are any diamonds in the rough there. Sometimes you’ll see established decks that have fallen out of popularity in the metagame, sometimes you’ll see budget decks, and sometimes you’ll see a deck that looks like a lot of fun, and wonder how it won.

Browsing this time brought me to the last category. I found an Elf deck in Modern. It went 3-1 in a Daily event, and after looking at the list I decided that I just had to try it out! I’ve played Elves in a lot of formats. Gr Elfball back when Urza’s Saga was Standard legal. The Extended Elf deck that was powered by Glimpse of Nature was a favorite of mine. The Pauper format has made the tribe work, as it sees fringe play backed by Distant Melody Even Elves in Standard while Lorwyn was the hot new set! The creature type is a fan favorite, becoming one of the subjects of the first ever Duel Decks with Elves vs. Goblins.

A long time ago one of my former teammates, Matt Pearce took an Intruder Alarm deck to second place in the Kentucky Open, which was a local version of the Starcitygames.com Opens. I made fun of him for doing so, and while I was winning a Grand Prix Trial for Salt Lake City, he was much busier winning matches that counted for more. I do not have his decklist anymore, but it looked something like this maybe? That event was almost two years ago. Since then I have had a soft spot for Intruder Alarm. I guess I was excited to see the deck feature a card that I enjoyed playing with. Speaking of, let’s go ahead and take a look at the decklist!

Who needs a sideboard? Right! Right? This is the deck that caught my eye and inspired a late night streaming session. This masterful piece of work (no sarcasm) had me looking for a Craterhoof Behemoth from my friends on Facebook and Twitter. I saw this list and fell hard for it. Beck gives a reasonable impersonation of Glimpse of Nature. Summoner’s Pact is a fair facsimile of Green Sun’s Zenith and if the plan of making a ton of dudes and casting Behemoth fails, well, you can make infinite dudes with Ant Queen and Intruder Alarm (Note, you actually need those two cards and a couple of mana dorks, or some non mana producing elves and Heritage Druid. The Queen will make a token, it will come in to play and Alarm will trigger. Repeat as needed.) I started up my stream joined an eight man, and then this happened.

Thanks to Austin Saylor for capturing my embarrassment

Thanks to Austin Saylor for capturing my embarrassment

That is one enchanted Tarmogoyf!

Okay, no big deal my awesome sideboard would help against a Splinter Twin deck right?

What do you mean, no sideboard?

This deck went 3-1?

Then this happened.

Thanks again Austin Saylor!

Thanks again Austin Saylor!

Yep, that is a Ravager of the Fells wearing a Twin, going off thanks to my own Alarm.


We played five matches with the deck in my stream, and I actually found out that the main deck is really good. I played it poorly, apparently math is still not a strong suit of mine, but against the fair decks we played, we went 3-0. The UWR Control and Twin decks. Not so well.

Here is the stream, in two parts for whatever reason twitch decided to do.

Watch live video from JoshuaClaytor on TwitchTV

Watch live video from JoshuaClaytor on TwitchTV

I’m not going to try to sell anyone on this pile of sixty cards. It was a lot of fun, perhaps better served for a Friday Night Magic instead of a Grand Prix. With a tuned sideboard, I could see it going places, I would recommend some number of Dismember and Naturalize to start. I’m not sure if the URW control matchup could ever be good, but if you’re fighting a metagame with a lot of fair Modern decks, I think you should take a look at this one!

As always thanks for stopping by, and have a great prerelease weekend!

Joshua Claytor

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