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Top 10 cards that should be reprinted in Modern Masters 2015

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Finance, Limited, Magic Culture, Modern

This article will explore the different cards that deserve reprints in Modern Masters 2. The cards that landed a spot on my list are there due to four factors:

1) The cards are expensive (15-20$ plus)
2) The cards see extensive play in Modern
3) The cards are the reason certain deck archetypes still exist
4) I would like these cards to be reprinted.

If you disagree with my list, be sure to let me know in the comments and tell me what cards you think deserve reprints! Keep in mind, I am purely speculating. There are obviously hundreds of cards that could be printed in Modern Masters 2!

At this point in time, Tarmogoyf, Karn Liberated, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn have been announced as reprints. They are not on the list because they are being reprinted.

10. Mox Opal

Mox Opal is the glue that holds Affinity together and is sitting comfortably at a 50 dollar price tag with little signs of going down. I have a theory, however, that could cause Opals to rise exponentially. If Mox Opal is reprinted as a rare in Modern Masters 2, we could see the card fall to as little as 25-30$. If Mox Opal is reprinted as a mythic, the card could sink to 40$ before rising to 60-70$ due to demand after the Modern Masters 2 print run. I want to see this card and I want to see it at rare. If the card is a mythic, we are in trouble as far as price goes. This is the Tarmogoyf effect. Expect all the Affinity pieces to rise in price as we get closer to the full spoiler, especially if Mox Opal gets reprinted.

9. Noble Hierarch

This card was so important to Birthing Pod, but now only sees play in Junk midrange and Infect strategies. Still, the card sits at 60$. This deserves a reprint considering how vital it is to so many strategies. If Noble Hierarch is reprinted as a rare, the card may fall to 30-40$. I do not see it as a mythic due to the fact that it does not have mythic rare relevance. Expect a lot of cards to rise in price that have a relevance to Modern Abzan strategies if this card is reprinted.

8. Filter-Dual Lands

It is a common joke in Magic that Cascade Bluffs has the worst “cascade” ever. We saw the filter lands in Future Sight (Graven Cairns) and Shadowmoor, and they have not been reprinted since. This is sad since these cards would be so good in Modern (I’m looking at you Gerard Fabiano). These cards barely see play as they become less relevant as the game moves forward, but still see play nonetheless. Sunken Ruins and Cascade Bluffs post impressive 18-22$ price tags, and all the lands show no signs of dropping. If these lands are reprinted at rare we can expect an exponential fall of price, possibly to 5$ a piece in the future. These lands do not see a lot of Modern play, but I imagine if they were reprinted they would show up in quite a few decks in the future.

7. Batterskull

Good ole B-skull. This card is the glue that holds together many legacy decks and delivers quite the beating in modern. This card is great and deserves a reprint. Batterskull fits into our category boasting a 15-20$ price tag and seeing play across tons of formats. I hope this card gets reprinted at Mythic Rare. Batterskull is a fantastic card and broke the format open with its success in Blue Moon, Control, and Twin strategies. I hope wizards makes those decks more accessible with a Batterskull reprint.

6. Aether Vial

This is the first card that I have included that saw a reprint in Modern Masters 1. Even though it saw a reprint, Aether Vial boasts a 25$ price tag. This card is the reason why Merfolk even exists in Modern and Legacy and sees play in some Zoo strategies as well as White Weenie. The price of Aether Vial has stayed above 20$ due to its versatility across formats (much like Batterskull). Expect this card to see a reprint. It desperately needs it.

5. Leyline of Sanctity

Wow. This card is 30$ on a good day and can chew through your wallet if you are trying to beat Burn in Modern and Legacy. I have never seen a card with such a demand for a reprint, especially with Burn emerging as one of the top tier decks in Modern. If WOTC reprints this card at rare, we may see it fall to 20$, which is manageable for a sideboard card. Wizards, if you are reading this, make it happen!

4. Liliana of the Veil

Hello beautiful. Lili is literally the reason why Jund existed for so long in Modern. It has such versatility across all formats. Liliana of the Veil sees play in Modern, Legacy, Commander, Tiny Leaders, and even vintage. She sits at an impressive 77$ price tag, putting her out of range for so many aspiring Junk, Jund, and Mono-Black Modern players. Reprint her as a mythic and watch the card dip before spiking again. Pick these up when she falls to 50$, because she will rise again as Modern and Legacy become more accessible.

3. Goblin Guide

Hello my sweet 27$ 2/2 for one red beater! This guy screams reprint. With so many RDW strategies on the rise, Goblin Guide could just be the reprint that we have all been waiting for. Goblin Guide sees cross format play and even is a staple of Vintage burn decks. If Wizards truly wants to expand the Modern format, they need to reprint our favorite lantern-holding Goblin. Expect Goblin Guide to be a rare in Modern Masters 2, with his price falling to 15$.

2. Cryptic Command

With Splinter Twin on the rise, this card has gone up again. Welcome to your very own 50$ modal counter-spell. Cryptic Command needs to be reprinted as a rare in Modern Masters 2 so that those wanted to pilot blue-midrange strategies in Modern do not have to spend 200+ on a playset. This card saw a reprint in Modern Masters 1, and hopefully will see a reprint in Modern Masters 2. Expect Cryptic Command to fall to a comfortable 30$ price tag.

Honorable Mentions

All of these cards that I will mention here boast high prices, but see little play outside of certain deck strategies, making them unhealthy reprints for Modern Masters 2. Also, Thoughtseize is still in Standard so perhaps the price will fall (it would be cool if it got reprinted with the original Lorwyn art, though).

Fulminator Mage- 42$. Sees little play (aside from Gerard Fabiano’s Sultai) outside of Living End strategies.

Arcbound Ravager- 20$. Sees NO MODERN PLAY outside of Affinity.

Wilt-Leaf Liege-30$. Sees no play outside of Modern Elves and Modern Podless Pod.

Spellskite-20$. Hangs around in the sideboard for a lot of different decks. Sees occasional play in Affinity strategies.

Thoughtseize- 20$. Sees play in the sideboard of just about every deck with access to black mana.

Dark Confidant-75$. This card deserves a reprint and everyone knows it. I just hope it has its original art this time.

Scapeshift-20$. Scapeshift holds a deck archetype together. Reprint this card at all costs!

1. Splinter Twin
Splinter Twin has only seen one print run and honestly deserves all the reprints it can get. The card boasts a 25$ price tag now and is steadily climbing due to it’s recent success at Pro Tour Fate Reforged. Expect this card to be reprinted as a rare, and for the price to fall to around 15$. This card desperately needs a reprint before it becomes the new premiere combo deck of the format.

Keep in mind, these cards were all my opinion. There are literally hundreds of cards that deserve reprints. These were my top 10 cards that need reprints. I hope this article has helped you get excited for Modern Masters 2! Remember to buy your boxes at your local game store! You can’t play Magic at Walmart or Target!

-Brock Steele

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