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Topping the Charts: Starting a new Journey

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Limited

To be completely honest, I almost never Draft or play Sealed of any kind. My formats of choice are almost always constructed, and everyone has been encouraging me to spread out and try Sealed again. Some bad experiences and my terrible luck turned the format off for me in the beginning. I never won or pulled anything of worth. I eventually stopped playing Limited and focused solely on my ability as a constructed player.

My goal is to eventually become a player who attends events like Pro Tours and World Cups . I want to make it in this game, and through my stubborn ideals I do realize I have to have some type of experience when it comes to Limited, as it is a heavily played format. Last weekend I had just the opportunity to practice a bit, while at the same time to see if my growth as a player has affected my Limited play as well.

Before going to this prerelease, I first examined which color I wanted. This is nothing strange to do, because it was a topic everyone was discussing the week prior to the prerelease. For some people, the raw power of Hydras in the set were enough to make them want Green as their promo. While the promo, Heroes’ Bane is powerful, it didn’t seem the strongest to me. After examining the other promos, I came to a decision on the order I would pick my kit depending on what was left.

1. White
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Black
5. Red

I saw white as the strongest for multiple reasons. For one, I thought the promo was one of the strongest out of the five. Dawnbringer Charioteers is a 2/4 flying creature with lifelink and Heroic. What this promo has that the others don’t is the ability to sustain. If you cast a few spells that target him, you can pull yourself out of a hole that a few hits put you in.

After getting my color of choice, I sat down and opened my packs and was a bit disappointed in terms of power that I had received. Let’s take a look at my pulls from the prerelease:

Artifacts and Multicolored

Lands (1)
Spells (1)
Creatures (1)

After opening my packs. I was thankful for at least a few things. First, I was glad that the color I picked had enough backup to be used, so that I had the opportunity to use the promo I wanted. Sometimes you just don’t get enough support from your packs to run with your color of choice, but here I had tons to work with.

Secondly, I was glad that my support color had just as much going for it as White. I had heard great things bout UW Heroic in Limited, and after playing this prerelease I have to say those things are true. Blue has flyers, Heroic dudes, Removal and everything you could want in a support color. Sure, bouncing something is usually the removal of choice for blue, and it might not seem to good. Truth is, with the amount of mana you have to sink in a few of the bomb cards in that format returning something to hand could be just as beneficial as killing it.

After carefully studying the cards, I had originally started with a 42 card deck of good spells. I wanted to make it down to 40, so I had to make a few cuts and eventually found a number that worked. Let’s take a look at what I ended up playing:

Like I said before, I went into this tournament hoping I got good enough cards for a Blue White Heroic deck, and I got more than I could ever imagine. With so many great flyers, and a few of them with Heroic, games could easily be taken out of my opponents hands because of their inability to do anything about the soaring birds.

I have to say, that having so many flyers ended up being the sole reason I did well up until the very end. No one seemed to be able to do anything about them for some reason. Since my birds had heroic, they even outclassed other birds that my opponents had. What made my birds so strong? I can tell you what it was in one word; Strive. Strive cards are crazy good with Heroic creatures, and I found myself curb stomping someone a few times by EOT Strive targeting 3 Heroic dudes, untapping then doing it again.

MVPs for the event:

Dawnbringer Charioteers was a huge heavy hitter, in almost every game that he was played. He helped me come out of a tough spot more than one, and survive situations I normally wouldn’t be able to. I added a few of the 5 drop bestow creatures so that I hit a curve of turn 4 and 5, and boy did that do a lot of work. Sure, a 2/4 with flying and lifelink isn’t to intimidating, but a 5/7 with vigilance sure is. I remember one game I had a Prognostic Sphinx attack me 4 turns in a row, and after resolving my Observant Alseid pulled myself out, and smashed in without much he could do.

Next, Supply-Line Cranes was a huge help in this event as well. Worst case scenario, you get a 3/5 for 5. You also have the choice to put the counters on a different creature, even then you still have a 2/4 dude sitting around. He was great buddies with Eagle of the Watch, because even though the eagle has vigilance, he doesn’t have much of a chance of sticking around after blocking more than once. After abusing Hubris and the crane a bit, I had a flyer suited enough to attack and block.

Finally, the last card that won me all kinds of games was Thassa’s Ire. This card to me has constructed potential. With the ability to tap or untap a creature, it can put off a huge attacker or leave a clear path for you. I had someone tap down my Dawnbringer Charioteers and made it to where it wouldn’t untap. I then resolved this, untapped the huge guy and won the match. This was a great tool in taking care of the few flyers that my opponents had that were able to block.

My overall record for the day was 4-3. I was 4-1 going into the final rounds, but some unfortunate mulligans ended up being the death of me. Let’s look at the rounds in order and what won or lost me those games.

Round 1: I played a very similar deck. The only difference was that while I got a ton of great flyers, he got some ground dudes and a hydra. I ended up blocking incorrectly in the third game, and even though I had a great Strive spell in hand waiting to be cast on my blockers, he had the same spell and ended up dealing just enough to kill me.

Round 2: I played against a green deck with tons of creatures. The only reason I was able to pull off this round, was that I had tons of targeting spells and a 8/10 Vigilant Dawnbringer Charioteers.

Round 3: We went to the wire here. He had 2 copies of Silence the Believers in his deck, and I only got to keep Dawnbringer once, and it was after he wasted it on a War-Wing Siren. That was game three, and it was just enough to make a difference.

Round 4: He too had a hydra deck, but my flyers were way faster than his ground dudes. Both of these games were picked up quick. He joked in the end that he didn’t know how I had lost with such a sweet deck, and I told him it was just not my game to win.

Round 5: This round, I went against a fellow grinder who had a UB control deck built. Even though I won 2-0, I still had a rough time taking out his 7/7 Squelching Leeches, until I top decked a Hubris for the win.

Round 6: This dudes deck was crazy. He had pulled an Arbor Colossus, Polukranos, Hydra Broodmaster, Heroes’ Bane and more. I took one game because he got screwed on mana, but other than that I got annihilated.

Round 7: I didn’t stand a chance. I had mulliganed to 5 both games, and both times it was a 4 lander, so by the time his little dudes hit it was too late.

I wasn’t too excited about my overall win percentage, but I did get 19th out of 74 people. Overall, I think I’ll shed my “no limited” look on the game, and start trying to do more drafts and sealed tournaments.

Thanks for joining me this week! Join me next week on Topping the Charts, where we evaluate the first Star City Open after the release of Journey into Nyx!


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