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Vintage Restored: Angel Evolution

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Vintage

I learned some new things about myself at my first trip out to play Magic in a long time. Magic is not like riding a bike. Things change. Mechanics appear and disappear. Interactions evolve. I ended up feeling a little down about my performance. I expected to have played better, though I’m not sure why–maybe a little ego and nostalgia for my Magic “glory days.” Or, quite possibly, I was awful then too and now suffer from a revised memory.

Whatever the case, I was absolutely positive about one thing: I wanted to be good at Vintage. I was deeply in love with the format. Even when I was making the worst misplays and suffering the most humiliating losses, I loved playing with old school cards and seeing others sling them as well. It’s moments like these when everybody just needs a little help from their friends.


I thought the deck created by @realevilgenius and his Brewport crew could actually be competitive. I researched all the cards, proxied them up and started goldfishing. While doing a run through of the deck, it occurred to me that I didn’t want to win despite my angels. I wanted to win because of my angels. My friends had been working overtime to figure out a way to include angels (which kind of left them handicapped in deck design options) because they know that is what I love to play. I knew taking a good deck and throwing in angels “just because” wasn’t where I needed to be if I wanted success in Vintage. I I was almost ready to go play big green fatties or something. But, I decided to ask my Vintage Sensie @GrandpaBelcher to play test it for me. I knew that with my skill level being so rusty, his testing against the Vintage meta would be more accurate. He was a champ and proxied it up to test with his local Vintage crew.


I soaked in Nat’s wisdom and contemplated. Baneslayer in Bomberman sounded like a blast. I had played one Oath deck and thought it was pretty neat, so Iona, Shield of Emeria might not be bad. I decided to try just one more time with Entreat the Angels. I tested it a little bit and it seemed to be more cohesive. I decided to see what @Joeymac399 (who knew the original list and saw it in action) thought before I committed any more money/time to the list.

Nina (@cardboardwitch) is one of the best types of friends a girl can have. She always has your back, and not by filling you up with a bunch of fluff. She tells you the truth, what you need to hear, what will help and what has helped. I read through the article she tweeted to me and it has made me a better and more confident magic player. I heart Nina.

Vintage Restored


Something in Nat’s email just kept buzzing in my brain and wouldn’t give it a rest: Restoration Angel and Snapcaster Mage could be a good combo in Vintage. The more I thought about it, the more I loved it. I already owned four shiny Snapcasters that I traded for from @MTGMedina for when I decided to join the Vintage Village. I even had a foil Restoration Angel that Nina sent me because I was stuck working medical calls during prerelease and release for the all-Angels-all-the-time Avacyn set. I would love to be able to play with those cards in Vintage. I decided that it was time to give up on Entreating Angels for now and poke around inside Nat’s brain to see what he had in mind…


Now this is what the hell I am talking about. I’m gonna play all the spells, snap ’em back, then Restore Snapcaster and snap back more. Stacks on stack on stacks!

Join me next week as my Editor and partner in crime @Justin_DZ helps me discover a new way to practice without ever having to leave my house and we get our new deck, Vintage Restored tuned and humming.

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