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Who is Your Commander: Know Thyself

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Casual Magic, Commander

Welcome back to Week 4! I hope everyone got their new Commander 2013 decks the last few weeks and are having as much fun as I am. If you haven’t, LegitMTG has some in stock and we will ship it free to your doorstep!

This week I will be doing 2 Commander-techs of myself and Jon Medina who turned over the reins of LegitMTG not too long ago. I’m going to talk about our personality types, our commander of choice, our decks and play-style and finally if we are going to venture into other commanders in the future based on my recommendations.

And remember next week I’ll be doing a review of two of my readers and I can’t wait! First and foremost, I want to now take the time to personally thank everyone that submitted his or her decks and personality types. I really want to publish everyone, but unfortunately I can’t and I just want everyone to know I took the time to review and read through everyone’s submission multiple times. I wish I could play a game of Commander with all of you and I know I’ll have a blast. I hope you all keep playing this game that we love so much and keep continue their support of LegitMTG! Thank you all for your participation, I truly appreciate it.

Now onto the analysis-

My Deck

My two personality types were very close between INFJ and INFP… but more towards INFJ.


My Commander deck is no other than a Five-color Scion of the Ur-dragon “good stuff” and dragons deck. There are many reasons why I choose to play a five color deck but I think it represents what I like the most about Magic, the history of the game. Since I been playing Magic for about 20 years, I’ve developed a love (sometimes hate) for all the colors. I started out as a red mage but found cards in other colors that that red couldn’t provide. So when I started playing commander, I didn’t want to limit myself from playing every card that I loved throughout Magic’s history. By choosing Scion, I can play my old favorites such as Forcefield and Moat while adding new cards like Rise of the Dark Realms and Planeswalkers like Liliana Vess.

I would say my card choices are more close to an INFP because I like playing all my favorite cards that might not exactly fit the theme of my deck but they somehow work right in a 4-player commander game. In another words, I want to have the right and best solution for any sticky situation and ensure that I can somehow get with a silver bullet. (I play plenty of deck manipulation and tutor spells) When it comes to card choices I always go for the “historical” one, for example I will always choose a Wrath of God over Day of Judgment.

However, My M-B test result says I’m an INFJ; INFJ really describes my play-style than deck/card choice. Whenever I play Commander games, I tend to be very reactive than proactive. During my games, I tend to observe my opponents and how they are playing than to be the first to stir the pot. I tend to try and figure out who is my biggest threat and how I can find ways to ensure they get eliminated so they don’t become a roadblock in my future plans. But overall, as long as it’s a fun game, I tend to prolong it (even at the cost of my own demise) in order to have a fun game.


In no particular order, my favorite 5 cards in the deck are: Skithyrx, The Blight Dragon, Hellkite Tyrant, Sarkhan the Mad, Dragon Tyrant, and Patriach’s Bidding.

Skithiryx and Dragon Tyrant allow me finish games in the blink of an eye when my opponent let’s one attack phase slip. If they forget to leave up a flying defender or keeping up a removal spell, one attack by Scion of the ur-Dragon can turn into a deadly infecting dragon or a trampling double striker.

Hellkite Tyrant allows me to steal one of the fundamentals of every Commander deck, their artifacts (usually mana rocks) so I can cast my high casting cost spells and dragons.

Sarkhan allows me to sneak in a double kill at times, or just enough to finish the first job if the dragon wasn’t big enough. Many times I can use Moltensteel Dragon and pump Skithiryx to kill one opponent and then cast Sarkhan and use his third ability to finish off another.

With Patriach’s Bidding, I can dump dragons into my graveyard at will with Scion’s ability and get them all back without having to worry about my creatures in my opponents’ graveyard like I have to with Living Death. With Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund 7-8 Hasty dragons usually spell death for at least one opponent at the table.

Jonathan Medina’s Deck


Jon’s Current EDH Deck is Momir Vig and his M-B is INTJ. While this was a little off he was actually very close to the deck choice of ENTJ, which had blue-green-black. Remember, this is not a science and everything is not absolute.

His favorite 3 cards in the deck are: Sylvan Primordial, Prophet of Kruphix, Tradewind Rider

Sylvan Primordial: This card says one thing in any EDH game, value: “Everytime I cast this it reads: Destroy 3 best artifact; enchantment; planeswalker; land that’s current on the battlefield and I can get 3 Forests which includes Tropical island and Breeding pool. With more mana and bounce spells, I can easily lock my opponents out of the game rather quickly when I re-play this card multiple times.”

Prophet of Kruphix: A strict upgrade to Seedborn Muse; Not only does this card allow me to abuse multiple activated abilities from my utility creatures like Muse, it allows to me to cast multiple creatures each turn. So all my utility creatures in my hands suddenly become instant spells with a body attached.

Tradewind Rider: See Above^ (combo anyone?)

Jon’s main strategy in this deck is to play utility creatures that will generate him a lot of mana which combined tempo spells/permanents can lockout his opponents. Jon’s general playstyle is that he likes EDH decks with complex systems that leave him open to numerous options of how to achieve victory. Just like me, he doesn’t leave his deck to collect dust but rather tune it after every set (for him every match) for optimal performance.

His M-B test is: INTJ (I think he’s a deep down ENTJ) . He loves that a card can serve a function that the deck is lacking or when they play their role better than other options such as creating more mana from creatures and permanents. IE Prophet of Kruphix vs Seedborn Muse (They are both in the deck, but I’m more excited about Prophet.)

While his test is INTJ, Jon is more focused on winning than to be the so-called “peacekeeper” to ensure everyone has fun. I will walk away unsatisfied if I don’t win a majority of the EDH games that I play in a session. When it comes to politics, he likes to navigate hate and alliances that are built by other players. He utilizes the control element of his deck in order to manipulate relationships and agreements at the table for my benefit. While Jon may seem like the cutthroat, win at any cost, type of player he also stated to me that one thing he won’t breach is when he gives his word to people at the Commander table. He specifically stated that “I honor agreements and social contracts of the people that I play with even if it will result in a loss.”


I first started to build this deck because of the Shivan Dragon that I pulled from one of the first revised booster packs I bought. Even since then I was always fond of dragons while at the same time developed a keen love and respect for the most powerful Magic spells. When I first learned about the Commander (EDH) format, I knew I wanted to build a Five-colored Dragons deck. While I was disappointed that there weren’t more dragons in sets like Dragon’s Maze, I still hope there’s a set for Dragons like Avacyn Restored was for Angels.

After Commander 2013 released, I was very excited about one general: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic. I loved the idea that he has an effect even while he is on the bench in the command zone. I guess the stars aligned for me since my M-B test states that he is in my colors and my play-style! I haven’t gotten a chance to play with him but I plan on getting the deck at GP:DC this weekend and getting a few cards on the trade floor so I can do battle with him at the Commander tables.

As for Jon, he’s probably not going to get into a new Commander deck. He is now devoting his time to his family and his faith. I’d love to pick up a new Commander with him one day and sling some spells like we did back in Ohio. Commander 2015? 2016? We shall see…

I will be at GP:DC this weekend, feel free to stop by and say hi. I won’t be playing in the main event but I’ll be at the trade tables and the commander side events for sure. It is not often I get to go to a Grand Prix with my work schedule and I’d like to meet the LegitMTG fans…

Thanks for reading; sharing; and replying … again you guys rock and I truly appreciate the support. Next week I’ll be posting 2 commander decks of my readers so please tune in to see what your fellow Commander players are sleeving up.

See you guys at the Grand Prix!


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