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Who is Your Commander: Studying Submissions

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Casual Magic, Commander

Welcome back to the 5th and Final Article of the Who is your Commander Series. I really enjoyed doing these pieces and I hope it was fun to read while at the same time provide everyone with some some intuitive (but fun) information so that you can better utilize commander 2013! And remember you can always order them from LegitMTG. (I know the Grixis deck might be a little challenging to find especially after Grand Prix:DC but keep an eye out here! I do believe we still have the whole set in stock at the time I’m writing this article.)

Again I want to thank all my readers and especially those who submitted their Commander profiles to me. For those I didn’t pick, I want to personally thank you for reading and supporting LegitMTG and me. I am glad you guys are here and enjoying my articles, I hope I can keep improving my writing so I can give everyone the best Legit has to offer. Now onto the two decks and Commander pilots!

The two ‘commanders’ I selected were: Matthijs Vermeij and John Zwick.

Mattijs Vermeij


Mattijs Myers-Briggs for Magic puts him into the INTP category. The Commander general of his choice is Riku of the Two Reflections. His favorite cards in the deck are (1) Grab the Reins (2) Vigor (3) Fact or Fiction (4) Dominate and (5) Spitting Image. INTPs generally innovate when it comes to deckbuilding and play unconventional decks. When I interviewed and read Mattij’s responses I felt that he was a pretty good fit with his strategy.


When I asked him to describe his basic playstyle and path to victory he replied that he liked to, “ Copy creatures and instants for value, win through incremental advantage that is explosiveness in nature.”

He further went to describe his style as reactive and takes him to adjust to the board and aims for the 2nd best position. (I think it’s because he enjoys flying under the radar so he doesn’t get teamed up on too much if he’s the dominant player. He finds opportunities to win when people least expect it, for example copying Vigor and then casting Blasphemous Act. He enjoys being able to interact with his opponents and do not like going into the game with the intention of locking them out, which to him it makes the game ‘not fun’ and usually ends up in a horrible experience when everyone just concedes.

He specifically said “This is why I don’t play a lot of the typical riku cards such Glen Elendra Archmage, Avenger of Zendikar and Consecrated Sphinx.”

When asking about how he thought about the Myers-Briggs he replied,

“Well I really like to play blue, which I think is also reflected in your adaptation of the Myers-Briggs analysis to the magic colours. But moreso, I love to play blue with other colours for support that give a bit of speed and awesomeness to the game (green and red in this case). I find dropping a double Bogardan Hellkite and the end of turn is much more exciting than playing a Reveillark, returning Solemn Simulacrum and Duplicant, as it sets up a more direct threat.”

His future plans include finishing a Zirilan of the Claw dragon themed deck, and finishing working on an Isperia, Supreme Judge (inspired by the article of Cassidy on Legitmtg here). I hope you can take my suggestion of INTP decks sometime in the future or just simply pick up a copy of Commander 2013 of the INTP colors and see if you like it!

First I know you like the “randomness” of Commander and refuse to play many tutoring spells; you rely on the luck of the draw and I respect that a lot. In an later article I want to talk about the “luck and social-ban list of commander”. But I hope you can use some of the credit to improve your mana base. Non-eternal/standard dual lands can be found cheap such as Ice Age/Apoc pain lands and even shocklands (at least until modern season, so get them quick!). Not having the right colors has to be frustrating at times. Thank you Mattijs for your submission and I hope you enjoyed this series!

John Zwick


John Zwick’s Myers-Briggs is INFP and his general of choice is Damia, Sage of Stone. His 5 favorite cards are : (1) Maga, Traitor to Mortals (2) Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir (3) Omniscience (4) Necropotence and (5) Alchemist’s Refuge. John’s playstyle is actually very close to an INFP even though his general of choice may not be. INFPs see the potential for all their cards in that while some may not do anything by themselves, they can be priceless when acting in concert.

When I asked about his general playstyle, John said, “ My usual style is a mile from what Damia demands. I like laying low and playing politics. My angle is that a hand full of countermagic or a grindy BG value-churn is the only thing keeping unfair decks in check, stopping them from combo-ing out or growing exponentially.”


I was very surprised that John can ‘lay low’ with a general like Damia who is essentially a “free” Griselbrand if left alone for long enough. John offsets this by trying to ramp into a lot of mana and dumping whatever cards he draws. One of his epic plays included this kill:

John: “In a recent game, I was able to end-of-turn Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir on turn 3, and flash in Damia to gas up at the end of turn 4. At the end of turn 5, I flashed in Avenger of Zendikar and immediately followed with Boundless Realms on my first main. Every last basic is on the field and I can kill anyone with impunity.”

INFPs are often unconventional in their deck choices and feel no desire to conform to others. Basically, they don’t like to follow the crowd, they play their own game and see their path of victory through themselves. I feel John is pretty close to this, especially when he mentioned that because of his deck, his playgroup is “all united against me and we have a game. I’m not even toying with them. Each of them is going after my hand, my board presence, or my life, and I love it. After resolving Omniscience, I decide it’s time to close the game out and tutor for a giant Exsanguinate that kills all but one player, leaving him at 3. Next turn I swing with an unblockable Creeping Tar Pit to put it away and he Fogs. I LOVE IT. It’s like when the doomed movie hero spits in the face of his captor!”

It looks like to me while he did not select an INFP “general”, to me, he is really an INFP player by heart. He likes to toy with his prey before delivering the final strike. He feels no pressure to conform and plays the game his deck is designed to do… to combo many good cards together and destroy his opponents. The generals that were recommended were not very accurate for John except The Mimeoplasm; he loves cards that gives him a clear path to victory without durdling around too much.

John, I hope you got a few copies of the Commander 2013 generals, if not I think The Mimeoplasm is a great choice for you. He can be a very control orientated general while at the same time provide that “power” when you combine him with a 10/10 and a Poison Dragon creature that can be given haste. What I enjoyed reading most in your replies to me was how enthusiastic you were about the format and while there’s no Pro Tour: Commander or even a Grand Prix, that a person could enjoy this game just as much. I thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the stuff we provide you here.

Final thoughts

I hope you guys enjoyed the series but most of all I hope you everyone is enjoying Commander 2013, I know I am. Some generals didn’t look powerful at first but they are definitely fun to play with for sure but also fun to play against. While this might have been far from a science like I had hoped, I hope everyone got something out of it and can come back if they decide to build a new commander deck but don’t know who to pick as a general.

Also I want to thank my loyal readers for staying with me on my long journeys, maybe one day I’ll have articles that are not 4 or 5 weeks long! I am debating about starting a weekly Commander column here if things go right so be on the look out if you’re a fan! LegitMTG has new owners and trust me when I say they are just as awesome and are always looking for ways to improve the site, so if you have suggestions of what you would like to read about leave a comment below or contact us!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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