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Who is Your Commander: The Breakdown Part 2

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Casual Magic, Commander

First I want to say thanks for all the submissions! They are wonderful and I am excited to be contacting two of you Commanders very soon!

Sorry to keep you “E”s waiting for a week but here is the final table!

ESTP – The Dynamo

ESTPs are energetic thrillseekers who are at their best when putting out fires, whether literal or metaphorical. They are players who love to bring energy to the table and play cards that impact the board and force players to respond. ESTPs seek usually an immediate solution when they are in a difficult situation. They often play many solution cards in their 99-card deck and use tutors so they always have an immediate response when faced with a roadblock. Seeking efficiency while taking risks is their way of handling their game plan approach. They also often negotiate tactics and seek compromises between enemies if it helps progress the game along.

Recommended Colors: Red-Blue-White

Recommended Commanders: Numot, the Devastator; Ruhan of the Fomori; Nin, the Pain Artist; Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ESTPs may appear too controlling and haste to players who like to really think things through. They sometimes focus too much on the immediate and miss the long-term game plans when making decisions of which spells to cast or search for. Recommendations include sometimes pausing, reflecting, and studying the game state for a while before making decisions to proceed.

ESFP – The Ravager

ESFPs are vivacious players who charm and engage those around them. They are spontaneous, energetic, and take pleasure playing the political game. They tend to be friendly and look to form early alliances while being able not making the opponents angry at the same time. They often play spells that induce action from other players to cooperate with those spells. ESFPs uses everyone’s spells and permanents to promote goodwill and teamwork.

Recommended Colors: Red-Green-White

Recommended Generals: Rith, the Awakener; Marath, Will of the Wild; Captain Sisay; Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice; NEW: Gahiji, Honored One;

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ESFPs may spend too much time socializing and neglect certain cards that may have a bigger effect later in the game if not dealt with. Sometimes because they try to please everybody they forget to finish certain plans that they start. Planning ahead is recommended for ESFPs and learning to focus on one task at a time.

ENFP – The Champion

ENFPs are people-centered creators with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. ENFPs tend to be focus their strategy on the other players and not their cards. They try to learn how their allies and opponents think rather than study the spells they are casting. Innovation and versatility is the foundation of their decks, while each card may not do too much alone they are often a piece of a bigger combo. They like to experiment with new cards all the time and encourage other players to do the same. Because they study other players, they focus on alliances not based on deck cohesion but player enthusiasm.

Recommended Colors: Red-Black-Blue

Recommended Generals: Nicol Bolas; Sedris, the Traitor King; Wrexial, the Risen Deep; Oona, Queen of the Fae; NEW: Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ENFPs often overlook minor details and facts of cards that are impacting the board state. Because they often like cards that work together, they can overextend and try to do too much. It is recommended for them to sometimes screen the possibilities and learn to say “no” rather than trying to do what may be initially appealing.

ENTP – The Visionary

ENTPs are inspired innovators, motivated to find new solutions to intellectually challenging problems. They are curious and clever who are very strategic thinkers, every card in their deck is a piece of a puzzle and valuable resources. They love complex decks and view the deck’s limitations as challenges for them to overcome. They often use logic in their game play and are open-minded to change because they can simply adapt and overcome. They are often focused on the bigger picture and like to ally with people who can think on their own and sustain their own game without much help.

Recommended Colors: Blue-Red-White-Black

Recommended Generals: Thraximundar; Jhoira of the Ghitu; Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind; Grand Arbiter Augustin IV; Hanna, Ship’s Navigator; NEW: Sydri, Galvanic Genius

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ENTPs sometimes maybe be lost in their future thoughts that they forget about current realities and details. They may reject too quickly the fundamentals of the game such as using stable creatures and concrete spells. It is recommended that ENTPs set up realistic goals and time lines to know when to stop and learn to adapt and work within the current board state.

ESTJ – The Ruler

ESTJs are eager to take charge in the game they are playing and like to be the one who organizes strategy and influence people. They always have a logical reason behind their moves and find victory in a systematic, methodical way. They play cards that work well together and it would be highly unusual if you see an unexpected card in their deck. They are often predictable and stick to established strategies to win games. ESTJs are also always monitoring the game state and remind people about triggers and plays they might overlook.

Recommended Colors: White-Red-Black

Recommended Generals: Kaalia of the Vast; Brion Stoutarm; Ghost Council of Orzhova; Teysa, Orzhov Scion.

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ESTJs can sometimes decide what to do too quickly and pressure others to do the same. They may overlook necessary changes in strategy for the long game if they think their plan is working. It is recommended that they make an effort to listen to others and consider other strategies including factoring political alliances and enemies.

ESFJ – The Provider

While all players’ goals are to win the game, ESFJs find themselves always looking out for the needs of their allies. They even at times feel bad for opponents that are being teamed up on. They care about the perception of other players and care about winning the game in an “ethical” way that all players have fun than to find a strategy that is repetitive and players leave the table bored and unhappy. People will find an ESFJ as soon as they sit down because they are generally very friendly and make playing commander “fun” their priority. They also don’t mind answering a few questions because they are not only generous with their resources in the game but also their time.

Recommended Colors: White-Green-Red

Recommended Generals: Mayael the Anima; Rith, the Awakener; Captain Sisay; Sigarda, Host of Herons; Avacyn, Angel of Hope; NEW: Marath, Will of the Wild

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ESFJs may always try to avoid conflict and sweep things under the rug. Sometimes they try to do what’s best for certain players and not realize that in the long run it may hurt their own allies and eventually themselves. They need to factor in more their personal needs and the goal of winning the game.

ENFJ – The Teacher

ENFJs are ideal organizers who love to implement their vision of what’s best for the group. They see the potential in their allies and use their influential skills to persuade others to join in their ideas. They almost at times are so people orientated they play the political game more than the cards in their deck. They put a lot of emphasis on not what their own cards can do but the cards of their allies and opponents. When a player is down in the game, rather than finishing them off ENFJs often come to the rescue and intuitively see this an opportunity to build an end game alliance. But they don’t do this just for the sole purpose of their own benefit but to keep the game more fun, fair, and interesting for all players.

Recommended Colors: Black-Green-White

Recommended Generals: Ghave, Guru of Spores; Teneb, the Harvester; Karador, Ghost Chieftain; Doran, the Siege Tower; Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed

Weaknesses/Recommendations: ENFJs may be too loyal to others that they forget about their own game. They might ignore that the opportunity to finish off certain players don’t always come. Because they want to preserve the relationship, they might allow a player to find the infinite combo that just ends the game for the entire table. It is recommended that ENFJs recognize that players are loyal for only so long and that sometimes doing what’s better for the game doesn’t mean doing what’s best for all the players.

ENTJ – The Commandant

ENTJs are strategic leaders of their alliances and will organize change if they don’t see themselves winning the game. They quickly adapt to the same state when things are not going their way and try to find new solutions and enjoy developing late game plans. These players are generally very assertive and enjoy taking charge and even help others achieve their goal. They are the best players to count on when there is a complicated board state and a path to victory seems difficult or impossible. They are very resourceful players that will utilize every card in each players deck and know the complex interactions of what “could” be done with each card.

Recommended Colors: Black-Green-Blue

Recommended Generals: The Mimeoplasm; Damia, Sage of Stone; Momir Vig, Simic Visionary; Prime Speaker Zegana; Arcum Dagsson

Weaknesses/Recommendations: These players may seem to overlook the needs of their allies and decide strategies too quickly. They might think too much long term and overlook pragmatic considerations and constraints of each players available resources such as life and mana. ENTJ should slow down the game and take some time toe reflect and consider all sides including the ideas of their allies before proceeding.


Remember I am still taking submissions until 11/08/2013, which is this Friday! Remember to send your emails to editor@legitmtg.com and I will soon get back to the two I select and you will get $20 store credit each for your time. Here is a link to my first article, scroll to the bottom to see what exactly you need to send to us.

I look forward to seeing your responses and next week I’ll be posting a few people’s Commander decks here at LegitMTG.

Thanks for reading!


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