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Who is Your Commander?

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Casual Magic, Commander

Disclaimer: This is meant for only entertainment purposes and does not reflect scientific research, just magical ones … enjoy!

Have you ever wondered if our personalities can determine which colors and play style best suits us?
I think it can. Many of you might have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test that tells us how we think when it comes to solving problems. Magic is a complex maze where the path to victory can be one of many journeys. Our favorite commander deck says a lot of ourselves, from the color(s), play style, card choices, and right down the the very commander- our commander deck is a reflection of us. I’m here to try and match you with a commander that best suits you!

This will be a multi-part article. I will first explain each category; you can determine which one describes you best which then determines your “four traits”. Afterwards I will break down the combinations and play style of each, make recommendations, and address the strengths and weaknesses of each category. While this may not give you the most competitive deck, I think it has a chance to find the deck that makes you the most comfortable and lets you have the most fun in a Commander game.

I really want to involve my audience for this article series since you guys have been awesome in your support of my writing and LegitMTG. (More on this at the end and there will be incentives!)

The Myers-Briggs personality test classifies personalities into eight categories:

(I) Introversion
(E) Extroversion
(S) Sensing
(N) Intuition
(T) Thinking
(F) Feeling
(J) Judging
(P) Perception

How it works is that you would be assigned a letter from each row and would ultimately end up with four letters that will give you an idea of how you perceive the world and make decisions.  Remember each category is not absolute.

Now if you know your classification from work, psychology 101 in college, you can move onto my analysis section and make sure your play style matches the Magic sub-category.

If not you can take a free test here, if you think you know yourself you can keep reading and pick the category that best suits you.

Analysis of Each Category

(E) Extraversion
Extraverts are “action” oriented, often prefer more “frequent” interaction than “substantial”, and they tend to act, then reflect, then act further. You like moving into action and making things happen and don’t ponder the “what-ifs” too much before you act.


(E) falls into the colors of the Boros Legion with Red being the Dominant Color. They draw all their energy from action on the battlefield through chaos but at the same time they try to find order within the Pandemonium.  Red Mages often prefer action and impulse. The color of fire wants to act first, adapt, and then respond quickly to the board.

(I) Introversion
Introverts are “thought” oriented and they seek “depth” of knowledge and influence. They get their energy from reflection and in-action of ideas that are inside your head. They generally take time to reflect so that you have a clear idea of what you will be doing before you decide to act.


(I) falls into the colors of the Simic Combine heavily dominated by Blue. Blue Mages tend to learn from their surroundings and study the board state intensively before making any decisions. They generally allow the opponent to act first, make plays, and wait for optimal moments to respond. They will gather as much information as they can before they utilize their resources, they want to know everything. Knowing when and how to react to the opponent’s strategy is crucial to the success of a (I). You often try to win games by stealing, confusing, or disguising your true nature from your enemy.

(S) Sensing
Sensing means you pay close attention to physical reality, what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. You prefer the tangible and concrete. You memorize facts and look at the bigger picture and the bottom line. You value experience over possibilities.


(S) falls into the colors of the Gruul Clan, with Green being the dominant color. The Gruul clan, primarily Green is built on the foundation of big solid creatures that clog up the ground and overwhelm your opponents. Green mages values the experience and success of creature based decks, Magic was originally meant to be a battle of creatures and Gruul resembles this better than any other guild. The (S) player relies on solid creatures rather than decks that rely on multiple spells that work in concert with each other.

(N) Intuition
You are one who focuses more on the abstract and theoretical of what “can” happen than relying on experience. You care about more about future possibilities than facts from the past. (N) likes to work with symbols or abstract theories, even if they don’t know how they can use them.


(N) falls right in line with colors of the House Dimir with equal distribution between Black and Blue. The Dimir guild traffics secrets and find ways to outwit their enemies with strategies that are new and different. The Blue/Black player explores different ideas and boundless possibilities by using multiple cards that work in concert but otherwise wouldn’t do anything by themselves. They focus on the big picture first, the overall strategy before they find the pieces that are needed to achieve that goal. The Dimir player has no problem making a few sacrifices on their path to victory.

(T) Thinking
When making decisions, you tend to shift to the truth or principle and not focus on the situation. You focus on the pros and cons of each situation and make a detached decision that is reasonable and rational. You always look for logical and sound explanations when you are making a decision.


(T) falls into the colors of the Azorius Senate with White being the dominant color. The White mage is looking for consistent and a stable plans to win games. They search for the right solution to solve their problems and out strategize their opponents. They make decisions based on the current game state think everything through and find the most logical answer as long as it is consistent.  Your allies often look to you to think of the best plays and strategize out how to make plays that benefit the team.

(F) Feeling
You like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony. You make decisions by thinking more with your heart and compassion than with pure numbers. You try to be more tactful and dance around at times before getting to your end goal. You look for organization and balance when making your choices.


(F) falls into the colors of the Selesnya Conclave with equal distribution in both white and green.  The Selesnya player looks for creatures that create peace, harmony, and unity on the battlefield. You try to be the peacekeeper and the balance in games and rely on value creatures and spells that bring stability the game.  You often look for alliances early and build strong cooperation between players to achieve a common goal.

(J) Judging
You operate on a schedule and feel uncomfortable when that schedule is thrown off course. You always prefer a planned or orderly way of life, like to have things settled and organized, and feel more comfortable when decisions are made. You focus on the end game and make sacrifices in order to stick to your schedule and achieve your tasks.


(J) Falls into the colors of the Orzhov Syndicate with a slight dominance towards black. The black mage has one goal in mind, which is to win the game at all costs even if they have to make sacrifices. You are very calculated in your games and everything is done on schedule and for a reason.  You often look for allies that can help you achieve your goal as long as they are playing by your rules.

(P) Perception
You live for the unknown and surprises. You prefer a spontaneous way of life and adapt to changes that happen in the world. While you are not dis-organized, you tend to take things as they come rather than setting a schedule and trying to organize it. You work in bursts of energy and approaching deadlines propel you to the finish line.


(P) Falls into the colors of the Izzet League with equal distribution in both red and blue. Izzet Mages tend to keep an open mind about things and respond to whatever happens on board. They find creative and innovative ways to victory without having a defined plan.  You also like to jump to and from ideas as you see fit, discarding old ideas for new ones that seem to work better in the given situation. Because of the drive for spontaneous action the results can be either spectacular or stark. You often are seen as the loose cannon at the table that everyone initially ignore but if you are left alone for an extended period of time, you opponents often pay the price.

Moving Forward

Okay, now I hope you got your 4 letters. You might be confused because it can end up being 3, 4, or even 5 different color combinations. Next week I will break it all down for you and hopefully give you some tangible feedback. But I won’t be mean and completely keep you in the dark (just partially), here’s a preview of next week’s consolidated table.


Of course the real table will be bigger and much more detailed and I’m very excited to share it next week
Are you still with me?

I hope you didn’t forget about me saying that I wanted to involve the readers. I sure didn’t! For the next few weeks I will be taking submissions from you guys. I will pick 2 LegitMTG readers and personality types and work with them to publish one of the articles of this series. If you are picked I will contact you probably with some more questions so I can make your deck sound as awesome to our readers as it is to you.
For your troubles, LegitMTG will give you each $20 in store credit to help you fine-tune that deck or start a new one. (Not a bad time to use your results from the Magic MB-test)

Here’s what I need for anyone that wants to participate, copy and paste the questionaire below, fill it out and send it to editor@legitmtg.com with the subject “WYC Submission”. Next, all you have to do is like LegitMTG on Facebook or follow @LegitMTG; if you’re a twitter person and make sure you have a LegitMTG account so we can give you the credit if you are chosen!

(1)    Your Magic-MB test result (4 letters that you got from above)
(2)    Your Commander deck
(3)    Your 5 favorite cards of the deck
(4)    The deck’s strategy (20-25 words)
(5)    Your play style generally and thoughts about the deck
(6)    Are you going to take this suggestion? Was it accurate?

Thanks for reading!
Wen Fu

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