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WJXC: Drafting GW Convoke in M15!

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Limited

I’m getting really tired of version 4. I have the draft recorder checked, it’s turned on, and it’s not recording my drafts. I’d love to be able to use the super awesome draft convertor site to show off the actual draft, but sadly, it’s not in the cards this time. Again.

Drafting M15 has been a lot of fun for me. Last time I showed off a deck that focused on Mind Sculpt and it was super fun! We finished 2-1 in that draft, and I used the winnings to buy in to another draft. After first picking Raise the Alarm, Siege Wurm was my next pick, and I had a plan! Convoke would be the theme of this draft, and I am pretty sure that it went pretty well for me!

With that said, I have a video of the draft and the rounds we played with the deck. The deck felt really solid and I was very happy with it overall!

Here is the deck we played.

Of course I lost in the finals of this draft as well. Maybe one day I’ll take a draft down!

After playing with the deck and doing well with it, I think I may have made one mistake in building the deck. I think I undervalued Overwhelm and I should have put it in the main. I had plenty of mana fixing with the Evolving Wilds, and I was not pressed for mana colors early. If you notice in the deck, there are only three cards that have a double color in their mana costs. Both of them are very powerful, (Triplicate Spirits and Siege Wurm) and I wanted to ensure that I would be able to play them. However, I may have overvalued Nissa’s Expedition. This convoke spell is pretty solid, but ramping into stuff that I could play on the cheap may not have been the best use of a main deck slot.

I also considered playing Heliod’s Pilgrim but after looking at the deck I figured a 1/2 that could only search up one of two cards was just not worth it. I think that card being in the sideboard was correct. The other card that I strongly considered was Undergrowth Scavenger. I think I correctly decided to not run it. I figured with the amount of token creatures in my deck I would not be getting the full value out of this card.

Would you have run the Overwhelm? With the two Sanctified Charge in the main I can see the point that it may have been overkill in terms of mass pump. Would you have ran either of the two cards I considered, but left in the sideboard? What would have drafted differently?

Thank you for watching, and have a great Tuesday!

Joshua Claytor

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