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WJXC: Drafting Mind Sculpt in M15

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Limited

This week we are going to kick off the content with a neat little draft that I did. The format was M15, and I’m not a huge fan of drafting core sets. It’s not because I am bad at it (that’s debatable, I’m probably terrible at it!) it’s because I love doing cool things and ever since M13 was the hot new set I have fallen in love with one card in it.

It should be fairly easy to figure out, I mean I did post it in the title after all. Mind Sculpt ruins me. It’s like a Siren and I’m a dumb young sailor. It’s a flame and I’m a moth. I open up a Mind Sculpt and it does not matter what else is in the pack, maybe a foil mythic like Nissa, Worldwaker, maybe a constructed playable like Chord of Calling, it does not matter in the end.

Swiggity Swooty, I’m coming for that Mind Sculpt.

That line really does not work if you replace booty.

Mind Sculpt is not the first card like that that I go ape over. I love milling players. I’m the guy that tried Dampen Thought in Champions draft. Uncommon Millstone to go along with Tome Scour? I’m all over that! Doorkeeper knew when I was coming over. Curse of the Bloody Tome? I had a deck with six of them in the main once.

It. Was. Awesome!

If there is a Millplayers Anonymous I would need a sponsor, because I have mill fever, and it may be an untreatable case.

Drawing inspiration from Channelfireball.com and their video series I am now going to present you a playlist of the draft and the two rounds that I played. I ended up going 1-1, but still finished in second place, thanks to an opponent not showing up for round two.

Maybe I sculpted his mind into not showing up. Maybe they fell asleep. Who knows?

Enjoy the videos!

Despite having the draft log option checked in v4, it did not actually save a copy of my draft. Sad times. I feel like I got fairly lucky this draft. I enjoy Blue Black as a combination, and even with three copies of Mind Sculpt I feel like I actually had a decent enough deck.

Thanks for checking this out, have a great day!

Joshua Claytor

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