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Zendikar Rising Modern Picks

Written by Scott Campbell on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Zendikar Rising Modern Picks

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell, also known as MTGPackFoils, has played Magic: the Gathering since Revised. He mostly plays Azorius based Control, or Golgari based Midrange decks. He also enjoys MLB, D&D, and is a former DJ.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Legit MTG. Are you ready for the new cards in Zendikar Rising? It won’t be long until the set is released in paper so today I want to go over the cards I find interesting that possibly could see play in Modern.

As we all know cards are generally designed for drafting first, and Standard second. While that is the case nearly for every traditional Magic: the Gathering set release some cards do break out into other formats even to the level of putting up a bigger performance in other formats instead of Standard. Here are my top 5 cards that may see Modern play.

  1. Archon of Emeria

While a creature with these stats may not be appealing at first, keep in mind that in Modern there are decks such as Burn, Prowess, and even Storm that oftentimes cast more than one spell per turn. Jund can not cascade with Bloodbraid Elf while this is in play, and your opponents fetchlands will be turned off for a turn. Sure Thalia, Heretic Cathar effects creatures as well as lands, but the evasion as well as the Rule of Law effect seem solid enough to include this in a Death & Taxes build. Whether this would be in the main deck, or sideboard remains to be seen, but you can find this off of a Militia Bugler (remember him?).

  1. Silundi Vision

Our first “Modal Double Face Card” that allows us to either put it into play tapped as a land, or cast the spell on the front of the card, Silundi Vision provides an interesting option for us Control players. While you may not always have a turn one play putting the land into play tapped on turn one is not that heavy of a drawback, however casting this when you have three mana open to find a board wipe or counterspell can come at a crucial point in the game. Imagine not having a counterspell early in the game, but casting this allows you to find a much needed Force of Negation to counter the opponent’s planeswalkers, or other non-creature spell. That seems pretty brutal, and could be a game changer.

  1. Magmatic Channeler

While red based direct damage decks may not necessarily need any help I ask you this: “How many times have you ran out of spells to cast”? This card not only can become a decent blocker becoming a 4/4, but is also can allow you to discard the unwanted land card in your hand to find a direct damage spell to cast upon your opponent. Also of note this is not legendary so a pair of these on the board can allow you to see four cards total when activating both of them. You should have a Lightning Bolt, or a Boros Charm among those cards late in the game, right?

  1. Deliberate

Me: “Mom, I want Preordain in Modern.”

Mom: “You have Preordain in Standard.”

Not every card that could potentially see play is a mythic, or rare. Sometimes they are commons. While we have had to settle for cards such as Opt and Serum Visions, this card can help you find the card you really need as opposed to scrying away something to only hope to find an answer. If you don’t have your copies of Baral, Chief of Compliance, or Goblin Electromancer you should do so. With those cards in play this is essentially Preordain.

What I also like about this card is it gets around Chalice of the Void on 1. Sure only the Eldrazi Tron decks may be playing it, but this should help you in your game one match. One to watch for sure!

  1. Turntimber Symbiosis

Well here we are. Another “Modal Double Face Card”. Can we find a better name for that? Anyway here we have a card that allows you to either put this land into play tapped (or untapped if you pay 3 mana like the other mythics like this), or cast this for 7 mana and put a creature onto the battlefield.

Any. Creature.

Craterhoof Behemoth
Ulamog the Ceaseless Hunger
Bogardan Hellkite
Inferno Titan
Primeval Titan

…you get the idea.

Ramping into this using the “Karoo” lands from Ravnica City of Guilds (see Simic Growth Chamber) and Amulet of Vigor is not that hard, and having a giant version of Collected Company is going to be pretty busted. Even if you find a smaller creature it still gets three +1/+1 counters making it a threat. Unlike other cards that let you look at cards on the top of your library, this card allows you to look at 7 cards. Seven? 

That’s right. Seven. 

I should not have to explain how extraordinary busted this card is, but it is. I’m glad that Allosaurus Shepherd is not Modern legal, but lands such as Boseiju, Who Shelters All are not uncommon inclusions in Primeval Titan decks. It’s time to board in this Grafdigger’s Cages folks. Turntimber Symbiosis is no joke.

In Conclusion

New Standard sets bring a lot of new play options with them. Sometimes those are not restricted to just Standard. While these cards may not be designed for other formats, through testing, and playing, we may find hidden gems in these new releases.

What cards do you want to try out in Modern? Share your pics by leaving a comment below, and follow me on both Twitter as well as Facebook.

Next Week

I shall return to talk more about this great game we love. Stay tuned.

Until then…


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